We want to be transparent and accountable about how we spend your donations – please get in touch if you have a question or any feedback on how we present this information. Email [email protected]

Britain First doesn’t take any money from government or big business, so we rely on donations from thousands of patriotic activists from all over the UK to make our campaigns happen.

From time to time we’ll ask our members to donate to support our work or to fund a specific campaign or a specific action (e.g. to pay for the costs of organising a demonstration or putting up adverts). Members give what they can afford – the average donation is around £15 but it varies a lot and every donation helps big or small.

If you donate to a specific campaign we’ll spend the money on that campaign and all associated running costs. In a rare case where we can’t (e.g because we’ve won the campaign already) we’ll spend the money on the same issue. If we can’t do that we’ll put the money into general funds to support all our campaigns.

Our monthly costs vary a bit from month to month depending on what campaigns we’re running and how much we have received in donations. We will submit our accounts each year and these will be available online.

We use 128 bit SSL technology to secure your donation, just like a bank does. This means that all the details are encrypted. We also use PayPal, the market leader of online bank transactions, to process some donations.

We have a refund policy in case you make a donation in error. If you contact us within 7 days of making the donation we will return it to you within 40 days without charge.

We aim to be transparent and accountable about how we spend your money. If you have any questions, or suggestions on how we can improve please contact us at [email protected]