Britain First is run by a small leadership team. Our team is complemented by Britain First activists and officials around the country.


Paul Golding – Chairman

Paul was former communications officer for a patriotic political party and also director of publicity.

Paul’s job consists of preparing, researching and managing Britain First campaigns.


Andrew McBride – Deputy Chairman

Andy was a former regional manager of a patriotic political party for over seven years.

Andy is now the Deputy Chairman and National Treasurer of Britain First.



Jim Dowson – Administration Manager

Jim is an accomplished fundraising, administration and management specialist. Jim is now the administration manager for Britain First.

Jim’s job consists of managing Britain First’s administration and call centre operation.


Graeme Thomas – Communications Officer

Graeme is Britain First’s officer in charge of our communications needs.

Graeme’s job consists of producing Britain First literature, updating our website and drafting press releases.