Unfortunately, a High Court injunction has been granted today that prohibits tomorrow’s demonstration at the home of Abu Qatada.

Ignoring this injunction will lead to Paul Pitt, Paul Golding, Jim Dowson, Andy McBride, and others to be prosecuted for Contempt of Court and almost certainly imprisoned.

Please do not press ahead with tomorrow’s demonstration, as you will be PERSONALLY liable for arrest for breaching the injunction.

We have been warned by the police that this will be the case.

We intend to fight this injunction all the way and in two weeks time we will be in in the High Court again to fight it (15th of February).

The enemies of free speech and the defenders of Islamic terrorists might think they have won a victory, but instead they have simply united us all to fight back!

Our united team is preparing a robust and formidable response to today’s attack on free speech…please stay posted for more details.

Britain First Britain First Britain First
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