news13Recently, delegates from a multitude of different existing patriotic groups met to lay plans for a unified, well organised new street protest movement.

Representatives from Britain First, the English Democrats, the South East Alliance and the English Defence League, among others, met in a spirit of unity, friendship and reconciliation and agreed a strategy to launch a new association to bring together the disparate street protest groups that have formed recently.

enr-logo1Among others, speakers such as Paul Pitt (South East Alliance), Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats), Paul Golding, Jim Dowson and Andy McBride (Britain First)discussed the disintegrating situation in the street protest movement and were unanimous in their resolve to salvage the situation and forge a new beginning.

The political / elections route has always been the main focus for patriotic politics, but in recent years the emphasis has shifted away from elections towards militancy, campaigning and direct action.

Against this backdrop, we are pleased to announce the launch of the ‘English National Resistance’, a new beginning for the patriotic protest / defence movement.

The ‘English National Resistance’ (new logo crest pictured above right) will confront, demonstrate and protest nationwide against the politically correct enemies of our country.

An infrastructure is being put in place behind the scenes as you read this, and more good news and announcements will be made soon.
The ‘English National Resistance’ will avoid the mistakes of the past and a new strict Code of Conduct is being drafted that will govern the new movement.

Among the historical problems that the ‘English National Resistance’ is resolved to address is the chronic lack of discipline at demonstrations, the lack of ideology and direction, a weak hierarchical structure and the elimination of outside influences and agendas.

These problems will be solved once and for all by the ‘English National Resistance’.

The ‘English National Resistance’ will also take the form of an ‘association’, whereby existing street protest groups can join the new cooperative organisation and take a seat on the governing council, and several groups have already taken this step and joined forces.

The ‘English National Resistance’ will build a new disciplined organisation that mobilises patriotic activists against any attack on our culture, rights and heritage.

This is an exciting new dawn for patriotic politics, and we need the unbridled support of all of our supporters to make this a success.

The first demonstration to be organised by the ‘English National Resistance’ will take place this Saturday, 2nd February at the taxpayer-funded home of Islamic extremist hate preacher Abu Qatada.

We are calling on all patriots to assemble at Canons Park tube station (Jubilee Line) at 12 midday this Saturday.

From there we shall march the short journey to the taxpayer-funded home of Abu Qatada at CENSORED DUE TO COURT ORDER ELSE WE WILL BE IN CONTEMPT OF COURT.

Britain First

This is an important demonstration and the establishment are so terrified of our campaign that over the last few days we have received legal threats to stay away…BUT THEY WILL NOT SILENCE US, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!

We have them on the run, so please make the effort to turn up for this important demonstration!

Please visit the new Facebook page of the ‘English National Resistance’:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

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