pensioner_heatingNearly 1 million Brits have died due to winter weather since the 1980′s according to shocking figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Since 1982 a total of 973,000 died, with the death rate leaping by 19% in England over the winter.

Many of those left to freeze are pensioners, but also the ill and the very young have fallen victim to the cold weather.

An average of 27,400 people died cold weather related deaths per year during the last 5 years – with that predicted to continue, unless action is taken over 1/4 of a million people will die each decade.

As heating and food costs increase, and austerity bites, figures are likely to be higher in coming years.

pensioner_coldNeil Duncan-Jordan, spokesman for the National Pensioners Convention, said that “Britain’s high winter death rate is a national scandal.

“The causes are poor housing, low pensioner incomes and high energy prices. The Government is complacent and must do more to help.”

Expect the death toll to continue to rise – repeated governments of all political colours have continued to fail the elderly and the vulnerable.

One doubts any rapists or murderers go hungry or cold in British prisons though – nor, for that matter, is it likely that Abu Qatada has to shiver in front of a single bar on the heater during the winter.

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