burka_baby_mediumWith events like the shocking murder of Lee Rigby, and the continued Muslim terrorism both in the UK and abroad, it should come as no surprise that another scheme is being trotted out to attempt to brainwash people that it’s Islamophobic to have any concerns over, or voice any criticism of, Islam.

Islamophobia Awareness Month is apparently going to focus on “racist and fascist” political groups, sensationalist media reporting, discrimination in housing (perhaps they’ll deal with all those adverts you can see online and in shop windows etc saying a property will only be rented to Muslims?), and the Islamophobic attitudes of police and courts.

Groups backing the month include the Muslim Council of Britain, ENGAGE, and the Coalition Against Islamophobia.

muslim_hateMaybe they’d be better off focusing on why many people have very legitimate concerns about Islam, and the behaviour of the Muslim community itself?

Of course not, it’s easier to just call as all Islamophobic, cry about how hard done by Muslims are, and tell us it’s all our fault for not buying into the patently false religion of peace narrative.

Oh, and not to mention tell us we’re all racist and fascist. No surprise there.

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