news80You really cannot make this up (don’t believe us, just go look at the papers) – it can only happen in crazy Britain.

Terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed – who isn’t even British and hails from Somalia – faced 20 charges and was put on a terror prevention order.

What did our useless authorities do?

Gave him bail twice for breaching the terrorism order, and took their eyes off the ball enough he could scoot into a mosque and run off in a burka!

If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about Britain today then you need to be reading a different website.

Now he’s legged it – nobody knows where he’s to, but Theresa May and others say he may be back in Somalia (and how much benefits did he get meantime?)

Others including the police say he may still be here, but he’s not a threat (like we believe that) but anyone who sees him should not approach and report him immediately.

And, top this off, despite the fact he’s now illegally done a runner, he’s also suing us for a fortune alleging he was tortured when he got arrested in Africa!

Doesn’t really matter how you look at it, it says everything you need to know about crazy Britain.

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