av-85Alex Salmond’s obsession with Scottish separation has been dealt another blow with a new survey shows support for separation has plummeted to a record low.

The ScotCen Social Research survey, which polled 1,229 people about their views on the constitution, revealed only 23% in favour of separation – a drop of nine points on last year.

72% of those polled backed remaining in the UK, an increase of eight points.

Support for separation was at its highest in 2005, and still stood at only 35%.

salmond59% of people said that they were either “quite” or “very” worried by the prospect of independence, with only 21% saying that they felt confident about it.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said “This survey shows Alex Salmond is failing spectacularly to sell his dream of separation to the people of Scotland, who are growing increasingly sceptical about the concept.

“The public is losing trust in the First Minister, trust in the Scottish Government and, as a result, trust in their obsession with splitting up the UK.”

Yet more woes for Salmond and the SNP, whose separation obsession is about as popular with the people as a dose of cholera.

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