muslim_prisonerAww, those poor Muslims are upset again – not just any Muslims, this time it’s Muslims who are serving prison time.

A report from the Chief Inspector of Prisons warns of simmering religious tensions in Full Sutton prison, and raises concerns that these tensions may lead to Muslims embracing extremism.

All this despite a five day un-announced inspection finding no evidence to support the Muslim inmates perception that they were discriminated against!

Heaven help us, the Muslims aren’t happy so it must be true!

Says the Muslim Council of Britain:

“It is imperative for prison services to accommodate all inmates irrespective of their race, religion or ethnicity as it is a place for reform and rehabilitation.”

We thought they were – they get halal, and this despite their Koran saying if nothing else is available they can eat haram!

muslim_prisoners_prayingThe prison service bends over backwards for them. there are numerous cases of inmates converting to Islam because these inmates believe Muslims receive preferential treatment.

Quite aside from which, if they hate it so much then why do Muslims – 4 or 5% of the population – make up 20% of those in young offender institutions? (figures from the BBC).

Maybe it’s a Muslim thing? Wait, I’m forgetting my political correctness and multiculturalism lessons – it’s because the evil British kuffar are waging a war of hate against them and jailing them for nothing!

A full 42% of Muslims at Long Sutton claim they are treated without enough respect.

Muslims, a minority – busily establishing themselves as a leading brand in those sent to prison – have figured out how the system works.

A Mohammed with a moan is always taken seriously even if there is no evidence – the kuffar are always keeping a Muslim down, those same idiot kuffar will always agree for fear of being labelled Islamophobic.

There may be no evidence of maltreatment in prison, there may be no proof – but the Muslims say it so it must be happening!

-Graeme Thomas

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