race_card_mediumKaran Mojaria, 23, already has a conviction for racially aggravated harassment dating from 2009.

After appearing at Leicester Crown Court last week, he admitted to two new counts of racially aggravated assault.

An incident at the Rose and Crown pub, Houghton on the Hill, saw him attack a man while calling him a “White bastard” and other racial insults preceded by the word “White”.

He also made a set of sexually insulting remarks about the mother of another victim of his violence.

racism_against_whitesHis punishment? 4 months suspended sentence, 150 hour community service, and to pay £700 compensation to the owner of a car that was damaged when he smashed one of his victims over the bonnet.

In defence, it was claimed Mojaria had been racially insulted – which was, of course, accepted by the judge as what he genuinely believed.

Think a white bloke (or woman), with prior convictions for racial harassment, would have got such leniency if he’d have attacked a couple more people and called them “Black bastards”?

You know the answer already, they’d be inside – we’ve seen plenty of cases recently (even with no physical attack involved and just words) to prove it.

Sure seems some racist offences are taken more seriously than others, in a society that apparently strives for equality some are treated more equally than others in the eyes of the law.

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