‘A woman must not deny her husband’: Books on subservience found in Muslim school

An Islamic primary school has failed an Ofsted report after inspectors found books saying a husband had the right to ‘interfere’ with his wife’s freedom and others attacking homosexuality.

The 'Imam Zakariya Academy', attached to Forest Gate Mosque, was found to be careless when it came to protecting children from ‘accessing extreme views’ and ordered to educate its staff about how to recognise ‘inappropriate literature’ and remove it immediately.

One passage found in a book in the library at the mixed school in Forest Gate, East London, focused on the subservience of a woman to her husband and stated how a man should respond if his wife chooses to ‘neglect herself’.

It said: ‘A wife must not deny herself to her husband… Moreover, the wife is not permitted to do anything that may render her companionship less desirable or less gratifying.’

‘If she does any such thing or neglects herself, the husband has the right to interfere with her freedom and to rectify the situation.’

Another excerpt from a book said: ‘Many so-called wise people are committing it, but sodomy is such an awful thing that even animals abhor it, except the pigs.’

The report said staff were unaware of the books’ presence in the library and could not say whether they had been ready by children.


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