'Sugar babies' are prostitutes

By creating entirely new categories of prostitution, technology has helped normalise the world's oldest and shabbiest profession.

There are 'phone sex' operatives, who talk dirty to anonymous men for money.

'Camwhores', who perform degrading acts on camera for money.

'Actresses' who provide content for thousands of pornography websites worldwide.

Tech-savvy pimps and hookers who advertise their services on social media instead of phone box calling cards.

And 'sugar babies', who hook-up online with wealthy 'sugar daddies' to exchange sex-related favours for cash.

SeekingArrangement.com, SecretBenefits.com, SugarDaddyForMe.com and SugarDaddie.com are among dozens of 'sugar daddy' websites providing cross-generational pimping services.

One apparently satisfied customer is Chloe Hyams (below) from London, whose numerous sugar daddies give her - in return for 'companionship' - up to £18k per month plus gifts, luxury hotel stays and exotic holidays.

The 18-year-old psychology student says of her lucrative new occupation:

This career field is highly appealing to me due to its incredibly rewarding nature. ... However, the worst part is receiving judgment from friends and family who do not fully understand the concept of sugar dating.

Because it's not 'dating' Chloe, it's prostitution.

Nineteen-year-old Jessica Hyer's experience was rather different.

She met around 50 middle-aged men through a sugar daddy website, sleeping with many of them for money.

It was, she said, 'terrible': 'People shouldn't think it's all rosy and glamorous because it's not.'

More than 1,000 women at Cambridge University alone are using sugar daddy websites to subsidise their tuition and living costs, making on average around £3,000 per month.

In a society that tells young people that 'sex work' is acceptable, it's perhaps unsurprising that some grab the chance of easy money.

What is surprising, however, is their relative lack of shame or any sense that prostitution is morally wrong.

One wonders what (if any) moral guidance they've received growing up.

We reject the notion that prostitution, in any of its online or offline forms, is a legitimate occupation for young people.

It's corrupting, potentially damaging to physical and mental health, and may compromise their ability to form lasting relationships with the opposite sex - the basis of healthy families.

More premarital sex partners equals less chance of a happy marriage.

Britain First is a party of the family, because the evidence shows that stable, monogamous, heterosexual marriage offers the best chance for personal happiness and successful life outcomes for children.

The Left, by contrast, hates the traditional family, and strives to undermine it by denigrating fatherhood, poisoning male-female relations, and promoting anything-goes sexual adventurism.

Turning young women into internet whores is just another weapon in their armoury.

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