ANNOUNCEMENT: Paul and Jayda to face TRIAL in Belfast 14th September

A worrying message from Britain First leader Paul Golding regarding another politically correct show trial that takes place next month.

Dear fellow patriot,

I have some bad news to report this evening: In a nutshell, both Jayda and I will probably be back in prison by the middle of next month.

No, this is not a joke, I am deadly serious.

Back in August 2017, Jayda and I were invited as guest speakers to address an anti-terrorism rally in Belfast.

Shortly after, all the speakers (four in total) were arrested and charged with ‘using threatening, abusive, insulting words or behaviour’ contrary to article 19 of the Public Order Act NI 1987.

We have all been on bail with restrictions ever since.

Now that Jayda has been out of prison for only a month, the establishment has announced the trial date - 14th September - to hopefully throw us back inside again.

If we are found guilty, we could be sentenced to six months in prison, meaning Jayda and I will be in prison over Christmas and New Year.

Poor Jayda is still on ‘licence’ with page after page of restrictions.

I haven’t spoken to Jayda in six months, but a photo taken by an elected councillor with the SDLP party in Belfast airport – and circulated on Twitter - has caused me alarm!

Look at this photo:

You can see Jayda has lost a huge amount of weight due the stress that accompanies being sent into a hostile prison and the prospect of being sent back inside.

I’m very concerned for her health, bless her.

I am furious that the cowards who are running this country into the ground are picking on a woman, but I suppose this is typical of the leftwing trash in power these days.

I don’t mind prison as I am male and I’ve been around the block a few times so am not concerned with a bit of rough, tumble and stress.

But, I do not want Jayda going back into prison, especially not for months on end only a short while after being released from a prison!

Only you can help me keep her out of a rat-infested jail in Northern Ireland.....are you with me on this?

This is the new stitch-up being prepared by the establishment, to lock me and Jayda up for the second time within a year.

The trial is set for Friday 14th September at Laganside Courts in Belfast and Jayda and I will be fighting to stay out of prison.

This is very similar to what the establishment has done to Tommy Robinson:

Locked him up, released him and probably going to throw him back inside again shortly.

This kind of approach by the establishment is designed for maximum psychological torture.

Tommy Robinson has many wealthy friends worldwide who pay his legal fees, but we rely solely on decent people like you and I need to know if Jayda and I can count on your help right now.

Over the last two weeks, both Jayda and I – separately – have travelled to Belfast for long arduous legal meetings.

Unfortunately, we must now provide the resources for our legal representatives to prepare our defence, otherwise me and Jayda will be in deep trouble.

Britain First is making great strides at present but we are being pressured by the multiple legal cases we are involved in at the moment and this is causing us to fundraise on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid this.

We have no choice but to win these cases, including the trial in Belfast, to survive.

Please remember, thousands of patriots are more than happy to contribute on a regular basis – if you are not one of them, we understand, times are hard but please pass this letter on to those you think could help us.

Jayda and I are calling on all patriots to help us beat the rap in Belfast next month – we face a very real prospect of being sent back to prison, but this time in Northern Ireland.

These Northern Ireland prisons will be full of Marxist terrorists and their supporters who would love to violently assault the both of us.

But, the establishment underestimates our British bulldog spirit and unwillingness to buckle in the face of their diabolical schemes.

We are British Lions, and we will not surrender or cave in, ever!

Can Jayda and I depend on your unwavering support as we battle the forces of evil that are destroying our nation?

Will you give us your most unshakeable backing during this dark and troublesome period?

We depend on you Paul, there is no one else we can turn to to raise the £15,000 we need for our legal team.

Please send your most generous financial gift as fast as you can - we need to get the wheels turning on our legal fightback.


Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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