PHOTOS: BFNI leafleting drive in Ballymena appealing for locals to help Paul Golding

BFNI has distributed 1,000 leaflets appealing for local residents to provide statements - or become witnesses - for Britain First leader Paul Golding at his upcoming trial.

BFNI are going to continue leafleting until the whole town has been covered. 

So far, multiple locals have come forward offering to be witnesses.

Britain First leader Paul Golding is going to use his trial as a platform for local residents to protest at the levels of immigration into the town.

When Britain First was contacted by local residents of Ballymena asking for help with the influx of migrants, Paul Golding led a campaign to give local people a voice.

After several rallies in the town, the PSNI ambushed Paul and arrested him. He was later charged with 'using insulting words in public', all because he criticised immigration into Ballymena.

He has been banned from the town and banned from taking part in any political activities in the whole of Northern Ireland.

Paul is due to stand trial on Wednesday 1st May at Ballymena court and the police want him thrown in prison, all because he took a stand for local residents!

Now Paul needs your help! Paul wants local residents to help him with his trial, to defeat the corrupt police charges. There are two ways you can help:

1) Provide a statement for Paul about your experiences with migrants in Ballymena.

2) Offer to be a witness in court for Paul at his trial, to talk about your experiences with migrants in Ballymena.

You can choose one or the other. Paul will not abandon the people of Ballymena, but he needs your help. He has been unable to even enter the town since his arrest, because of his strict bail conditions.

Strike a blow against the corrupt police traitors by filling out the form below and volunteer to help Paul with his trial.

Remember, the police are prosecuting Paul, but they are really telling everyone in Ballymena who is opposed to the migrant influx to stay quiet!

If you live in Ballymena and would like to help Paul defeat these nonsense charges, please click here:


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