We need solid, dedicated patriots to sign up as branch organisers.

If you would like to set up an official Britain First branch in your local town or city, then please use the following form to register:



A one-off payment of £1 is necessary to deter time-wasters. When you sign up, you will be contacted by our Elections Officer Dr. George Whale.


Why local branches?

Britain First aims to become a nationwide grassroots mass movement.

The best way for us to achieve this is by establishing thriving branches across the country, each serving as a focus for local recruitment and activism.

A network of scores, then hundreds, of active branches, will make Britain First unstoppable!

What area does a branch cover?

That's up to you. It could be a town, city or region - whatever you feel comfortable with. Each branch communicates with - and receives support from - HQ and neighbouring branches.

What does the branch organiser do?

The branch organiser coordinates activists and supporters in the area who - together as a team - push forward recruitment, campaigning (e.g. leafleting, media activities), electioneering (selecting and supporting election candidates) etc.

Each branch decides and plans (in consultation with HQ) its priorities and activities, so can respond quickly to developments locally.

Will I get help?

Yes. HQ will help you get the branch up and running, and will run local recruitment events attended by Britain First leaders. Once approved as a branch organiser, you'll receive a copy of our guide for activists and organisers.

Is it all politics?

No! Branch social activities are important for building friendship, trust and team spirit. Pub evenings, darts/skittles matches, sporting events, trips to local attractions, invited talks - the possibilities are endless.

Further advice

If you would like first to learn more about the role, email our Elections Officer George Whale at: (subject line: 'Branch Organiser').