BREAKING: Paul and Jayda to face TRIAL in January

The die is cast – on 14-15th January 2019, Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen will stand trial in Belfast for the terrible crime of criticising Islam.

Here is a message from Paul Golding sent out to Britain First supporters today:


Fellow patriot,

We have been waiting for an exact date for our trial for many weeks now.

Now it has been fixed for 14-15th January 2019.

Shortly after an Islamic terrorist exterminated twenty-two British children in Manchester Arena, Jayda and I travelled to Belfast to address an anti-terrorism rally.

We delivered our speeches to an enthusiastic crowd and the day was a peaceful success.

Then, about six weeks later, Jayda was suddenly arrested, cuffed and taken by car and ferry all the way to Belfast to be interrogated and charged.

Several weeks later, I was arrested in Belfast too by police detectives and kept in custody until I was charged.

Both Jayda and I said nothing wrong, except issue strong condemnations of extremist Islam and terrorism.

We were both charged with ‘using insulting words in public’ - contrary to the Public Order Act - the most ridiculous Mickey Mouse charges we have ever faced.

The police in Northern Ireland are ultra-PC and a few years back they unsuccessfully prosecuted a popular elderly Christian preacher – Pastor McConnell – because he criticised Islam in his church.

They swung into action after receiving complaints from a Muslim in Belfast who previously made comments in support of ISIS rule in Iraq!

Now the ‘Muslim Protection Squad’ – otherwise known as the Police Service of Northern Ireland – want mine and Jayda’s heads on a plate.

They want to send the both of us to prison for making speeches in a British city.

What a slap in the face for millions of our ancestors who fought and died for free speech and liberty.

I’m sorry, I am not in the mood to surrender, not now, not ever.

So, yesterday I got an important call from our legal team in Belfast.

Now that we have a fixed date for our trial – now only a few months away - they need £4,000 on account immediately to get to work preparing mine and Jayda’s legal defence.

I said I would go away and send an urgent message to our supporters around the world explaining the situation.

Even though both Jayda and I have only recently been released from prison, they want to send us back – can you believe that?

They are hoping to ‘break’ us so we just give in and give up the struggle to save our country.

I can assure you that will never happen.

We are made of stronger stuff than your average PC policeman or liberal politician.

The blood that runs through our veins is British and we will stand our ground and fight.

Me and Jayda are prepared for the forthcoming battle, so now we just need to raise the £4,000 to send to our legal team.

The word ‘surrender’ is simply not in my vocabulary and I know it isn’t in Jayda’s either.

We intend to beat these silly ‘charges’, secure a legal victory over Facebook in Belfast High Court, register as a political party and push our movement forward to the gates of power!

That’s my life’s mission and I will never give up.

Right now, I need our supporters to chip in immediately so we can send the £4,000 asap to our legal team.

Every penny counts, so please send in whatever you can afford.

We have until this Tuesday (23rd) to raise these funds - that's our deadline.

This email has been sent out to 150,000 patriots - imagine if every single one of you donated just £10?

That would raise £1.5 million pounds - all we need now is just £4,000!

Jayda and I need your help - will you give us a helping hand?

Please make your decision right now and bear in mind what both Jayda and I are going through right now:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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