BREAKING: Police try to arrest Jayda AGAIN

I have another update for you today: Just a few moments ago, Jayda received a phone call from London.

The Gestapo – otherwise known as the Met Police - turned up mob-handed at an address looking for her.

A huge van full of police officers disembarked outside this address ready to seize her, but thankfully she wasn’t there.

After interrogating the startled neighbours, demanding information on Jayda, they left empty handed.

This is the second police operation of this kind within a week.

The Probation Service and the police are working hand-in-hand to make Jayda’s life a misery.

Even the media is now reporting on this escalating story.

This is from today’s Daily Mail:

‘It emerged last night Fransen was on the run after police raided an address in London to try to arrest her for allegedly breaching parole conditions following her release from a nine-month sentence for religious hate crimes...’

‘Miss Fransen, 32, is banned from Northern Ireland after building up a base for Britain First there, and has to give ten days’ notice to the authorities before travelling away from her probation hostel.’

All of this after completing a dreadful 9-month prison sentence!

Jayda is on borrowed time.

Sooner or later, the police will seize her.

We need to be prepared.

At any moment she can be arrested and dragged to a court in London, so a solicitor and barrister are on standby.

We have been raising the necessary funds to pay for an immediate legal defence.

So I am asking you right now, can you spare just £10 for Jayda?

Please help by clicking here:

Obviously as soon as she is arrested we will provide full updates on events as they happen.

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