Britain First and Christianity

Our entire way of life in the West is built upon Christianity. Britain has always been a fierce Christian country and our way of life is rooted in our ancient faith.

The flags of Britain are made up of Christian crosses.

This is true of the cross of St George (England), the cross of St Andrew (Scotland), the cross of St Patrick (Northern Ireland) and the cross of St David (Wales).

The British Isles are dotted with beautiful Christian churches and even during modern times, millions of Britons still attend church every month.

Most of Britain's national heroes were fanatical Christians:

Alfred the Great, Elizabeth I, Cromwell, Marlborough, Wellington, Nelson, Churchill - the list is endless.

The Bible provided the foundation of our legal system starting with Alfred the Great over a thousand years ago.

Believe it or not, but Britain's greatest scientific minds were Christian, such as Isaac Newton.

In the Middle Ages, Christianity enabled Europe to withstand the Islamic onslaught and fight back, launching counter-attacks known to history as the Crusades.

Without the unifying common faith of Christianity, Europe would now be a Muslim continent.

Millions of Christian European warriors (above) perished holding back the Islamic hordes over a period of 1,400 years.

The culture of the British people still revolves around Christianity.

Our yearly calendar of festivities is still centered around Christmas and Easter, both Christian holy events.

The words on every war memorial in every city, town and village across the British Isles have the immortal words, 'For God, King and Country'.

The very fact that we have a day of rest each Sunday is down to Christianity.

On this day, Britain First would simply like to say thank you and pray for God to bless your family and children during these troubling times.

Without the supporters, members and activists of this movement, we would be nothing and our country would be doomed.

God will bless our movement and he will help us to save our country from the forces of evil that are currently destroying it.

Thank you for your continued support, commitment and dedication to our common cause.

May God be with you and your family, always.


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