CAMPAIGN: Help homeless army veteran Tom Foley get back on his feet!

Tom Foley is a homeless British Army veteran who has been refused decent accommodation by Lincoln Council.

Tom has a degenerative spinal condition and will be in a wheelchair within a few short years.

Tom has been camping outside Lincoln Council offices until he decided to march to London in protest at his treatment.

Tom, a father of four, is registered disabled.

The local newspaper in Lincoln said:

'Tom Foley, 36, has a degenerative back condition meaning that vertebrae are disintegrating, wants a flat so that his children can visit him.'

All Tom has asked the council for is a one bedroom flat so he can host his four children. 

So far, he only been offered a shared accommodation filled with junkies and migrants.

Naturally he doesn't want to bring his children into such an environment. 

The council even tried to trick him into signing for the shared accommodation before he had even seen the property.

Britain First has launched a campaign to help this homeless veteran get back on his feet. 

Please click below and sign our petition to put pressure on Lincoln Council:

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