PETITION: Say NO to Sadiq Khan's slavery museum

PETITION: End overseas aid

PETITION: Social housing for UK citizens only

PETITION: Eradicate grooming gangs within three years

PETITION: Theresa May must reveal how much her husband made from sales to Saudi of arms used to kill children in Yemen

PETITION: Licence all social housing managers to take away their discretion

PETITION: Immediately remove all illegal immigrants from Britain

PETITION: No more mosques

PETITION: Ban the burka for all our safety

PETITION: No legal aid to convicted criminals

PETITION: Shut down all sharia courts in the UK for good

PETITION: Stop all illegal immigration

PETITION: Introduce free bus passes at age 60 in England to bring us into line with the rest of the UK

PETITION: Make all politicians divulge their financial links with the European Union

PETITION: We need a parliamentary debate about the impact of Islam on our Christian culture

PETITION: One rule of law for everybody in Britain!

PETITION: Tackle anti-social behaviour of Worcester University students