DESPERATION: Paul Rudge to be questioned by police for wearing Britain First merchandise!

About a week ago, and quite unexpectedly, a group of police officers turned up at the home address of Britain First regional organiser Paul Rudge and demanded to know his contact details.

They informed Paul that they had been sent by the Metropolitan Police due to an active investigation taking place in Kent.

Quite startled and confused, the officers left Paul’s doorstep by saying that the investigating force would be in touch.

About a week later, Paul got a phone call from Kent ‘Criminal Investigation Department’ (CID) saying that they would like to travel to Birmingham to interview him under caution.

This means it would be a voluntary interview, rather than Paul being arrested.

Paul reported this nonsense to HQ immediately.

The investigating officer explained to Paul that the offence in question was ‘wearing political uniforms contrary the Public Order Act 1936’.

In essence, Paul was wearing an item of merchandise with the letters ‘BFD’ on it, which is Britain First’s security department.

This so-called offence took place in Dover back in October on one of our migrant patrols.

Party leader Paul Golding has two convictions for ‘wearing political uniforms contrary the Public Order Act 1936’, a law originally brought in to combat the uniforms of Oswald Mosely’s black-shirts back in the 1930s.

The fact remains, activists from all the major political parties wear clothing with their respective party name or logo on it and never face arrest.

This is blatant politically-motivated harassment, nothing more.

Paul Rudge was a candidate for Britain First in last year's local elections (above) and obtained nearly 30% of the vote, beating the Conservatives and the Greens. 

This was amazing for a first time effort. 

The establishment is terrified of our new moderate approach to campaigning and direct action so they are desperately scraping the barrel for anything they can throw at us.

But this really is a new, desperate low, even for them!

Britain First leaders, activists and organisers do not bow to petty persecution or harassment. 

Please post a message of support for Paul Rudge below in the comments section. 


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