Do You Have Skills in Writing, Video, Graphics? Put Them to Work with Britain First!

One of our top priorities is to engage more Britain First volunteers to drive the movement forward through 2019 and beyond.

Activists and branch organisers are key to future growth, but we also have background roles for people with skills in writing, video, graphics and other areas.


We're always on the lookout for activists to attend Days of Action and other events. Give as much or as little time as you can. Click here to register as an activist (scroll to foot of page for FAQs).

Local branch organisers

We've already established local branches in several areas, and want to greatly expand our branch network during 2019. Click here to register as a branch organiser (scroll to foot of page for FAQs).

Video production

Could you create original, short videos promoting Britain First and its activities, or edit together existing material in imaginative ways to attract new audiences online? Email [email protected]


Internet memes combine images and text in provocative, funny or satirical ways, and have provided powerful propaganda for patriotic movements around the world. We want to assemble a new team to develop memes to promote Britain First and discredit the internal enemies of Britain. Interested? Email [email protected]


Are you an experienced blogger/ writer with an interest in news and current events? We need people to write short, punchy news articles with a Britain First slant. Email [email protected]

We know there's a huge amount of unused talent among Britain First supporters. Let's put it to work in 2019!


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