PRESS RELEASE: Former Belfast councillor reported to PSNI for de-frauding Britain First

Britain First leader Paul Golding has officially reported former Belfast city councillor Jolene Bunting to the PSNI for fraud.

This comes less than a week after Ms Bunting was found guilty of de-frauding Britain First by NIPSO, the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman.

NIPSO found that Ms Bunting had altered/doctored her Belfast City Council wage slip to scam money from Britain First.

Mr Golding submitted a bundle of evidence to the PSNI via the online form on their website.

He is now waiting for an officer from the PSNI to get in touch to take a full statement.

The weight of evidence in this case is so overwhelming that Mr Golding says it is a foregone conclusion that Ms Bunting will be found guilty of fraud as a criminal charge.

“Ms Bunting abused her position as a Belfast city councillor to commit fraud against me, and Britain First. NIPSO have already found her to have committed fraud, and she is banned from standing for election as a result. Now the case has been handed to the PSNI for criminal investigation and I will pursue this to the bitter end,” said Mr Golding.


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