How Many Christians Will be Slaughtered in Muslim Countries This Christmas?

It's instructive to compare the treatment of Muslims in the (nominally) Christian West with the treatment of Christians in the Islamic Middle East.

Muslims in the West seem to be a protected species:

• They demand (and are usually granted) permission to build incongruous (and often huge and unsightly) mosques in Western towns and cities.

• From atop these, the alien 'call to prayer' is broadcast over our homes (but woe betide any who complain).

• With impunity they hold intimidating mass gatherings in public streets and parks.

Small Heath Park, Birmingham, Eid 2018.

• Extremists and killers emerge from Muslim communities with clockwork regularity - yet each year Europe allows in large numbers of immigrants from middle-eastern warzones...

• ... and Britain allows 23,000 suspected jihadists to walk the streets unhindered.

• An alleged slight or insult can land a British citizen in jail, because Muslims and their creed are protected from criticism (renamed 'Islamophobia') by so-called hate crime laws.

Things are a little different, meanwhile, for Christians in the Middle East.

Take a look at this map:

The World Watch List 2018 is a list of the 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian. No fewer than nine of the top ten (dark orange on the map, meaning 'extreme danger') are largely or overwhelmingly Islamic:

2. Afghanistan (99% Muslim)
3. Somalia (99% Muslim)
4. Sudan (97% Muslim)
5. Pakistan (96% Muslim)
6. Eritrea (48% Muslim)
7. Libya (97% Muslim)
8. Iraq (96% Muslim)
9. Yemen (99% Muslim)
10. Iran (99% Muslim)

(Percentages: Wikipedia.)

In November this year, the story of Asia Bibi (below) - a Pakistani Christian formerly imprisoned and now receiving death threats for 'blasphemy' against Islam - hit the headlines, after Theresa May refused her asylum.

It was one of scores of stories of Muslim persecution and violence against Christians in the last months of 2018. Here are a few:

Muslim Mob Incites Police to Arrest Six Pastors in Uganda

Arrest of Converts Shows Close Surveillance of Christians in Iran, Advocate Says

Islamic Militants in Egypt Ambush Christian Pilgrims Killing 7, Wounding 19

Sudan Releases 13 Christians Arrested in Darfur after Torture, Threats

Another Church Building Sealed Shut in Algeria

Six Months after Medical Personnel Kill Christian in Pakistan, No Arrests, Brother Says

Christian Bus Passengers Refuse to Recite Islamic Statement of Faith, Two Executed

Teen Adopts Christianity after Muslim Extremists Murder Father Who Refused to Covert

This Christmas, we can pray for the safety of persecuted Christians, or - more practically - donate to one of the charities that work tirelessly on their behalf, such as Open Doors UK, The Barnabus Fund or Release International.

And, whenever we hear a dhimmi vicar unctuously promoting 'inter-faith dialogue', or a clueless liberal bleating about 'Islamophobia', we should take the opportunity to challenge them on the ongoing slaughter of Christians in the Islamic Middle East.

Important, because this issue - unlike 'Islamophobia' - is one that rarely appears on the front pages of British newspapers.

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