Iran: Khamenei representative says 'Childbearing is a type of jihad'

'Enemies' seek to reduce the population of Muslim countries, says Abbas Mohammad Hassani

Sunday 18 August - Childbearing is a type of jihad, said the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the Iranian army on Thursday, adding that 'enemies' seek to reduce the population of Muslim countries, the Iranian semi-official Mehr news agency reported. 
'Childbearing in the current circumstances is considered a type of jihad and it would please the Almighty God,' said Abbas Mohammad Hassani. 

Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei 

'Enemies of Shiism are trying to prevent the Shiite population from growing, while they continue to increase their own population,' he said, adding that their goal is for Muslims not to have enough 'defenders.'
'All Shiites must, therefore, take on the jihad of childbearing to counter the goals and conspiracies of the enemies,' the representative said.
'Countering conspiracies to overthrow the Islamic Republic' is another reason for considering childbearing a type of jihad, according to Hassani. 'We need warriors to preserve our existence, identity, and capital.'
Muslim women who have children with the intention of stopping the enemies from reaching their goals will 'undoubtedly' receive the reward of jihad for the sake of God, said Hassani. 
He also compared childbearing with performing the Hajj pilgrimage and fasting during Ramadan, saying that those are also 'difficult religious duties,' but they are completed despite their difficulty.
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei had also emphasized the importance of a population increase in remarks published by his official website. 

Editor's comment - There is no doubt that demographics will play a large part in the battle to come between Dar-al-Harb and Dar-al-Islam, and encouragement throughout the Muslim world for devout Muslims to have large families will only exacerbate the situation. However, if we are to preserve our Judaeo-Christian way of life, we need to substantially reduce Muslim numbers in the West, and not allow them to increase at their current exponential rate.


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