Jeremy Corbyn to hold emergency meeting over Labour's anti-semitism crisis

The Labour leader bowed to demands for action after coming under attack over his response to a TV documentary

Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to hold an emergency meeting of his shadow cabinet and a showdown with his MPs as the anti-Semitism crisis engulfing Labour threatened to spiral out of control.

The Labour leader bowed to demands for action after coming under fierce attack from the party's most senior peers and from current and former staff members over his response to a TV documentary.

Mr Corbyn's reaction to the peers and staffers' attacks was announced at another heated meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) at which Mr Corbyn was condemned by Jewish MPs and the PLP chairman, John Cryer.

The anti-Semitism row has escalated since the Labour leadership reacted to a BBC Panorama documentary by claiming former staff interviewed in the programme were 'politically motivated' and had 'axes to grind'.

At the weekend, the row became intensely bitter and personal when Unite leader Len McCluskey unleashed an expletive-laden onslaught on Tom Watson over his criticism of Labour general secretary Jennie Formby, who is battling cancer.

At the regular Monday evening meeting of the PLP, a furious Mr Cryer told MPs that party officials attacking staff was a 'gross misjudgement'. One peer present told Sky News later: 'Cryer put the boot in.'

Mr Cryer then announced that a special shadow cabinet meeting on antisemitism would be held next Monday, ahead of the regular weekly meeting of the PLP, which he said Mr Corbyn would attend.

Author's comment: The anti-Semitism within the Labour party is easily explained once you realise that Labour is rapidly turning into the 'Islam party' due to its increasing support from the Muslim community.

Having accepted and encouraged Muslim supporters to prop up its voting base due to its alienation of (and the subsequent disenchantment of) the traditional British lower/middle class voters, senior Labour figures including Jeremy Corbyn find themselves unable to put clear blue water between themselves and the inbuilt anti-Semitic characteristics of the ideology of their new-found Muslim friends.

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?


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