I saw Muslim paedophile gangs at it 23 years ago. As rotherham Telford London Police were not interested then either. My Family have fought for this land forever, certainly from the 5-Th Century. The King had to award my Surname & lands usually for dying in battle. I will do anything I need to to try & make this land better for my young children, anything at all.

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  • commented on Happy birthday Paul Golding 2019-01-25 19:05:41 +0000
    All the best to you young Patriot pup Ha Ha, hoping you had a Haram pint or Three as you deserve after your sacrifices. I will be Campaigning with you guys very soon Deus Vult.
  • commented on HILARIOUS! Tory council leader talks about 'Islamic race' in Worcester! 2019-01-25 18:58:28 +0000
    Love your Videos in Worcester guys. Tory ignorant toss pots like that council leader are supposed to be working for us-you, getting £80,000+ Salary for selling our and our kids land out from underneath us. Too darned lazy to even find out about Islams killing of 250 Million poor victims. Islam’s Slavery and MGM mass Castrations of white and African boys. He and they are ignorant even to read a word of the savage, Murder inspiring Quran as Paul Tim John Lawrence and I have. This is what University does to them, brainwashes them thoroughly. My own Daughter also has been made immune from ‘thought crime’ sadly. Sorry I missed it, but wasn’t fit to drive that far. Cod Crusader Dave.
  • commented on Best Counter-Jihad Posters 2018-12-02 15:14:57 +0000
    Perhaps someone in PM May’s Cabinet should have showed her these, before she Vilified President Trump, Britain First Jayda Fransen & anyone else that showed us their too often, very poor behaviour with white girls all over UK Europe.
  • commented on Happy Saint Andrew's Day! 2018-12-02 14:48:20 +0000
    Thank You, you taught me a few things. As we know many Scots & Irish have fought Bravely & fearlessly for us in 2 World Wars and beyond. We should Honour & Bless them all I say.
  • commented on VIDEO: Paul Golding confronts Dawah Stall! 2018-11-24 20:22:59 +0000
    There are in fact 4-5 such looting, Child Women grabbing raids & Massacres in Quran. t the first 600-900 older boys and men had their throats slit, and were kicked into pre prepared trenches for bodies. Exactly as Gestapo copied in 1940’s. I have heard Jayda & Paul telling of the horrible hateful massacre packed ‘unholy’ Quran previously. The fact is most Muslims, and Nil Labour Party, US Democrats, Fakenews idiots, Unite teacher screaming Antifa left wingers know Zilch of Islam.
    Imams deliberately treat followers like the naive inbred children many are. Rarely ever telling them the truth. When Muslims learn the truth, that they and ISIS are following a Psychotic, paranoid, throat slicing, sword swinging Warlord. Who did Abuse little boys, lots of girls they, like us Limeys are truly horrified, but leaving Islam means a Death sentence, or being homeless, shunned by everyone they know and hold dear. Paul and Jayda know all this already, I repeat it only for visitors to support Paul. David.
  • commented on Wailing Imam Praises Allah in Blackburn Cathedral 2018-11-23 12:55:04 +0000
    This is the Essence of the Gargantuan problems we are faced with Islamisation in Britain. Even the people that in the past were regraded as smart well balanced subjects, like Reverends Prime Ministers Teachers are totally Ignorant about the (most Savage Brutal disgusting) Quran and Islam. Islam cutting through the PC BS is deeply Nazi, Racist and totally Supremacist. Winston Churchill understood it very well. He served in Somalia for years. He won a Nobel prize for literature. In his book River Wars he laid it out to warn all. "Islam was born and spread via the Sword. “A man filled with Islam” (referring to Sharia frenzy i am sure) “Is like a Dog filled with Rabies”. I know this, Jayda Paul does, so why not those in Government trying to Import Somali and Arab Arrogant Nazi Illiterates?.
  • tagged As I said to George and guys on WhatsApp, with administration 2018-11-23 12:28:08 +0000

    As I said to George and guys on WhatsApp,

    perhaps issue Warning that many Paedophiles operate from JustEat Hungryhouse & Uber or unchecked Taxi firms. As with the 55 Pizza shop that Paul Jayda quite rightly highlighted. Some are European staffed these are unlikely to 'Groom' kids. But all need to be wary of these guys Islamic Nazi "Master Race" type Ideology.

  • commented on VIDEO: Paul Rimmer gives ROUSING speech at Manchester meeting! 2018-11-23 11:58:25 +0000
    As Paul Golding and Paul Rimmer George all stated, it’s not Islams Teresa Mays EU’s Britain its ours!. Our Men fought off Vikings Muslims Huns & Nazis & assorted other barbarians forever so we DO have the right to stand up and Shout It’s our kids Land, give it back and listen to all of us worried Patriots!.
  • commented on PHOTOS: Britain First holds Midlands meeting 2018-11-13 20:06:16 +0000
    Excellent patriot speakers Jim Edwards showed Britons true fear for their kids land & future. Tim echoed Sharia type Injustice suffered by himself, exactly similar to Paul and Jayda. Favourite for me was John Lawrence who’s father was Jamaican, from the often Christian loyal Windrush generation in Manchester. Who was himself stabbed x3 times by a none native none white group.
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