LUTON: Britain First returns to town and announces future activities!

For three long years, Britain First was banned from the town of Luton by a High Court injunction. 

This was following a march through the heavily-Islamist area of Bury Park. 

The video of our march attracted 30 million hits on social media.

Bedfordshire Police then applied for an injunction to ban Britain First from the area and faced with the astronomical costs of fighting the case, we conceded to the injunction on the proviso that Britain First did not have to pay any costs. 

For three years, Britain First was forced to avoid Luton completely. 

Today, Britain First returned to the town and also visited Bury Park again. 

Our activists held up a banner outside Bury Park mosque during Friday Prayers. 

"Britain First has plans for days of action and flash demos in the town and Bury Park. We intend to make Luton a major target town for Britain First. Islamic extremism is rife in the town and Bedfordshire Police will not prevent our legitimate political activities," said Britain First leader Paul Golding. 


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