Mass immigration's trail of destruction: housing, schools, healthcare, transport, environment

Respected independent think-tank Migration Watch UK monitor and analyse the multiple, destructive impacts of mass immigration, especially the huge pressures it puts on public services, local communities and the natural environment.

Here are some of their key findings.


The government admitted in April 2018 that immigration drives up house prices. In addition, the Migration Advisory Committee found that it reduces access to social housing for the UK-born. Even to meet current levels of immigration to England (where 90% of immigrants go), a new home will have to be built every six minutes.


Due to the immigration-driven population boom, the number of secondary pupils at English state schools is set to rise by 430,000 by 2025. Thousands of schools are already full or over-capacity.


In 2016/17 alone, there were 730,000 new migrant GP registrations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, putting the NHS under huge extra pressure. Most registrations were recent arrivals likely to stay long-term.


Britain is already one of the most gridlocked countries in the world. Only significant cuts to immigration can slow worsening congestion on road and rail.


Large tracts of green belt are being lost to development as mass immigration increases the demand for housing and infrastructure. A million planned new homes between Oxford and Cambridge will cover an area of countryside larger than Birmingham.

Social cohesion

Many people are concerned about rapid cultural change due to immigration, and 71% of Britons believe it divides communities. Too many people coming too quickly destroys social cohesion.


Immigration is out of control. Even though 30 million British citizens want it reduced, the political establishment, most of the media, non-governmental organisations and powerful vested interests welcome mass immigration and want it increased.


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