Message from Jayda

After serving a 9-month sentence for exposing a gang of Muslim men who raped a child, I was released approximately 1 week ago.

Since my release, I have taken a few days to readjust and sort out personal issues which have built up considerably during my incarceration.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support over the past 9 months.

Sitting in a dingy prison cell with little more for company than a Bible and a blanket, your cards, photos, and letters of support were truly what kept me going and gave me comfort in the knowledge that the support had not died when the judge sent me down from the dock.

I have lots of stories to tell you all about my time in jail, some almost sound too shocking to be true, but they were what I have lived through for the majority of 2018.

Whilst in segregation, I watched in horror the announcement on PMQs that my official Facebook fan page - and those of Paul Golding and Britain First - had been unceremoniously deleted.

A blatant act of political discrimination, that I was unable to defend whilst confined to a cell not fit for an animal.

Then the next blow was delivered shortly after, when I learnt that Paul Golding had been attacked by a Muslim gang and I tried to send him a letter.

I was informed that I was completely banned from contacting anyone involved with Britain First.

I was not even allowed to seek any assurance that Paul was okay.

Whilst serving my prison sentence I was kept in solitary confinement, branded an 'extremist', and learnt that an Islamic terrorist had put a 'hit' out on me and was seeking to have me killed by another inmate.

Since being out of prison I have trying to readjust to normal life, which seems to have unrecognisably changed since the day I was jailed on 7th March.

Over the past week - after having served my full 9-month sentence - rather than allowing me to recover some sense of normality, Probation have been putting relentless pressure on me – on almost a daily basis – threatening to ‘Breach’ me and put back in jail.

Despite this ferocious pressure, I have had an opportunity to speak with Paul Golding and our legal representatives who have fully updated me on the current position of our legal case against Facebook.

I understand that we are expecting a reply from Facebook any day now in which they must set out their grounds for deleting our pages.

It is simply not good enough for them to say they just don't want our 3 million followers to see our content.

The authorities managed to cut me off from everyone and everything relating to Britain First, but now I am back and I am determined to get back on Facebook where I can stay in touch with you all once again.

Patriots have a right to be on Facebook just as much as liberals and traitors.

It is called 'free speech' and it is what millions of men fought and died for us to have.

To all of you who have supported this legal fighting fund against Facebook, I cannot thank you enough.

I cannot stress how important this landmark case is – it is a matter of whether our war heroes died for our right to freedom or whether we allow their sacrifices to be in vain.

This seemed very poignant to me as I stood in front of one of Britain's many war memorials and remembered the fallen with tears in my eyes just over a week ago.

Would they have ever dreamed of the gross and unjust treatment of patriots 100 years on?

Would they have stood for it or fought against it?

These injustices and acts of discrimination affect us all and that is why it is my priority to see this case through to the bitter end and restore justice!

Not least, because I have missed being in contact with all of you on what is supposed to be a social media platform available to everyone.

I want to assure you all that my ordeal over the last 9-months has done nothing but strengthen my resolve and determination to fight for what's right for our country and our people.

Whether that be exposing rape gangs, opposing Islamic terrorism or battling corrupt authorities and biased organisations – Facebook included!

I could not have gotten through the past 9-months without your support Paul, and you have my utmost gratitude and admiration for your continued loyalty, dedication and support for our cause.

I remain, yours for God and Britannia!

Yours sincerely,
Jayda Fransen

PS: I still have my Instagram, you can follow me and keep up-to-date with my latest activities. Click below and hit follow:

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    • Jessica Lee
      commented 2018-12-02 17:04:18 +0000
      Keep up the hard fight! I’m rooting for you!!!
    • Richard Simpson
      commented 2018-11-23 21:42:43 +0000
      Excellent news to see jayda back . Does anyone know if theres any activist and local groups for BF in the kent area?
    • Dave Bond
      commented 2018-11-23 11:41:34 +0000
      If only Teresa May the shallow Media, Fake News BBC CNN Guardian Plebs would learn. The Government workers Teachers, overpaid facile shallow Ignoramuses understood Savage Barbaric Islam & Quran as well as you and Paul, this country would be in a far better position. It be treating you as the far sighted Heros-Heroine you are. When Sharia Police arrive in 30-40 years, and take all our-their Houses and Children away, likely killing them all. Then maybe they will realise their Error. But then it will be much too late. God Bless you both Jayda, I hope to join you on the street Crusading for truth very soon.
    • . .
      commented 2018-11-22 21:30:34 +0000
      Jayda you’re a legend and an inspiration to all us patriotic working class girls. I was born in 1986 like you and wear my Britain First hoodie with pride. I’m proud to represent your name, you’re what every patriotic female should aspire to be. I look forward to meeting you at at future demo! Keep in there and no surrender! X