Britain First Mission Statement

Britain First is a patriotic political party and street movement that opposes and fights the many injustices that are routinely inflicted on the British people.

Our policies are pro-British, our approach is no-nonsense and our principles are not open to compromise.

We love our people, our nation, our heritage and culture and will defend them at all times and no matter what odds we face.

The Britain First movement is not just a normal political group, we are a patriotic resistance and “frontline” for our long suffering people.

We require only the most stern, dedicated, loyal, steadfast and incorruptible men and women to help us build a future for our nation.

We want a Britain that is strong, proud, free, sovereign and independent, in which our people live in a healthy, moral and ethical society.

We want our people to come first, before foreigners, asylum seekers or migrants and we are overtly proud of this stance.

We will not stand back and watch as our people are made second class citizens by leftwing-liberal policies and political correctness.

We want British history, traditions and to be respected, promoted and taught to our young folk who deserve a decent future.

We want to eradicate corruption in our democracy, to end the ongoing expenses scandal and restore principles and decency to politics in general.

Christianity in Britain is under ferocious assault: Many Christians now face discrimination and persecution because of their beliefs in many areas such as employment, business, and adoption.

We will restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life as it has been for the last one thousand years.

We want British jobs for British workers and will make sure that our workers come first.

Immigration is spiralling out of control placing unsustainable demands upon this country’s resources, with health care, housing and the environment are all being seriously damaged by these unbearable and unfair burdens.

Britain is a small, overcrowded, densely populated island with barely enough space and resources for our own people.

We have millions of British citizens born here who are unemployed and desperately need employment, so for these reasons we will slam shut the door to any further immigration.

The rapid growth of militant Islam is leading to the suppression of women, freedom of speech and racist attacks.

Britain First has a proven track record of opposing Islamic militants and hate preachers and this fightback will continue.

Britain First seeks to lobby, cajole, expose, demonstrate and organise on behalf of our beleaguered people.

We will make Britain a beautiful country once again where you can leave your door unlocked and your children can play in the streets. 

Do you share our vision of a Britain that is restored to our own people and where we come first, where our politicians stand up for us, where we will not become a minority in our own country?

Do you share our vision of Britain where pensioners don’t freeze in winter, where billions of our money doesn’t get sent abroad in foreign aid, where crime is stamped out, where British history and discipline is taught in schools, where sexual degeneracy is not the norm but the exception, where jobs go to British workers and where the United Kingdom is united and strong?

Then now is the time to JOIN the ranks of the Britain First movement.