NEWSFLASH: Jayda has been arrested!

Literally seconds ago, HQ received confirmation that Jayda Fransen has been arrested at Gatwick Airport.

Startled onlookers watched as a squad of officers surrounded her and dragged her off to custody.

Jayda was traveling to spend the Christmas period with loved ones, so its especially awful that this has happened.

As far as we can tell, she will now be taken to Bromley Police Station to spend the night.

Then, in the morning, she will be taken to Bromley Magistrate's Court to face a judge.

This is the moment we have been expecting.

Now Jayda will need immediate legal representation for court tomorrow.

I have just spoken to our solicitors and they are scrambling into action.

Instead of settling down tonight with her loved ones and enjoying their company, she will spend the night in a stinking police station cell.

I am absolutely enraged at these developments and I am sure you are too.

I am asking you right now to chip in with whatever you can afford so I can make sure the solicitors get paid to represent Jayda tomorrow.

Please help Jayda immediately by clicking here:

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    • Dolf Jans
      followed this page 2018-12-20 10:10:55 +0000
    • William Kuhn
      commented 2018-12-20 02:38:31 +0000
      Why did Britons fight against Hitler, if it wasn’t to preserve free speech? Truly, the sacrifices of the generation that fought WW2 were completely in vain!