VIDEO: Britain First protests at hotel housing migrants who are harassing local English girls!

Britain First held a flash protest at the Britannia Hotel in Standish, near Wigan, following media reports that the illegal immigrants staying there have been harassing local English girls.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes a migrant hotel in Accrington!

The Dunkenhalgh Hotel, in Accrington, in Lancashire, is a plush hotel that many British citizens would enjoy staying in.

VIDEO: Britain First vessel 'Alfred the Great' patrols the English Channel

It has been a long time coming, but the Britain First vessel 'Alfred the Great' has finally started a series of operations in the English Channel to report on illegal migrant crossings.

VIDEO: Britain First is threatened by local Islamist in Oldham

Britain First spent the afternoon campaigning in the town of Oldham, in Greater Manchester.

VIDEO: BFD holds second training day at dedicated gym

Our dedicated security department, "Britain First Defence" (BFD), held their second training day at the weekend.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes illegal immigrant hotel in Wolverhampton!

The Britannia Hotel in Wolverhampton has been in the local news recently because the government has "dumped" hundreds of illegal immigrants there against the wishes of the local council.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes illegal immigrant hotel in Wigan!

When a Britain first team visited the Britannia Hotel in Standish, Wigan, in the North West, they found a hotel inundated with illegal immigrants.

RUSSIAN ELECTIONS: Britain First supports the LDPR patriot party

As a movement, Britain First has been invited to Moscow several times by our friends, the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR).

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VIDEO: Napier Barracks is still being used as an illegal immigrant camp!

Napier Barracks was supposed to be closed down, but it is still holding hundreds of illegal immigrants.

Rochdale groomer fights deportation with taxpayer-funded legal aid

Adil Khan (below), a key player in the infamous Rochdale grooming gang, is facing deportation from Britain.

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VIDEO: Britain First exposes the Abbots Barton migrant hotel in Canterbury!

The Abbots Barton Hotel in Canterbury is a plush top-end hotel that is rammed with Afghan migrants.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes the Holiday Inn migrant hotel near Canterbury!

A Britain First team headed for a Holiday Inn Express hotel a few miles from the beautiful city of Canterbury, to find it housing Afghan migrants.

Britain is a nation with religious blasphemy laws and culture

We live in a country where those who display cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed have their lives ruined.

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VIDEO: Britain First exposes Afghan migrant hotel at Manchester airport!

Despite a housing shortage, tens of thousands of homeless Brits, massive council waiting lists for homes, massive pressure on public services, tax increases, and so on, the government has pledged to bring tens of thousands of Afghans to the UK.

The woke assault on British culture is a form of genocide

People may joke about some of the insane decisions that are described as "woke", but this is not a laughing matter.

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