VIDEO: Britain First starts new legal proceedings against the Electoral Commission

Once again, the Electoral Commission is subjecting Britain First to politically motivated delays and obstruction.

VIDEO: Great response in the Welsh city of Newport

Britain First is flourishing in Wales and so our activists headed for the city of Newport, near Cardiff, to hold a day of action.

PHOTOS: Britain First hits the city of Newport in Wales

Britain First is a unionist movement that represents all the nations of the United Kingdom.

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VIDEO: Home Office increases security at Dover Harbour and fences off whole areas to deter reporting

A team of South East activists headed for Dover harbour again to report on the ongoing illegal immigrant crisis that is spiralling out of control.

VIDEO: The BFD training centre is almost complete

Around a year ago, before Covid struck, Britain First raised funds to build a dedicated training centre for our security department (BFD).

VIDEO: Paul Golding reports from the Britain First battle bus on a tour of Southport

Britain First has a fleet of armoured, fully-equipped campaign machines, our "battle buses".

VIDEO: Another migrant hotel closed down thanks to Britain First pressure!

A few months ago, a Britain First team visited a hotel housing illegal immigrants in the seaside town of Southport, in the North West.

VIDEO: Recruitment drive in the North West town of Southport

On Saturday, Britain First visited the North West seaside town of Southport to hold a recruitment drive.

PHOTOS: Britain First hits the North West seaside town of Southport!

Britain First held a recruitment day in the seaside town of Southport today, in the North West.

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VIDEO: Horrific never-ending influx of illegal immigrants into Dover!

The illegal immigrant invasion into Dover is reaching apocalyptic proportions.

VIDEO: Britain First uncovers shocking scenes at the Dover illegal immigrant processing centre!

The illegal immigrant invasion at Dover is reaching unprecedented levels, with hundreds pouring in on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Britain First exposes facility in Dover containing thousands of migrant dinghies!

Britain First has been to Dover repeatedly to expose the ongoing illegal immigrant crisis.

VIDEO: Great response from the people of Northampton!

On Saturday, Britain First took to the streets of Northampton and received a great response.

PHOTOS: Britain First day of action in Northampton

After a long intermittent Covid lockdown lasting over a year, Britain First finally held a national day of action in the town of Northampton.

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VIDEO: Avalanche of illegal immigrants cross the Channel and invade Soft Touch Britain!

On a hot and sunny day, a Britain First team watched on as over fifty illegal immigrants poured into Dover harbour.