PERSECUTION: Britain First team harassed by SO15 Counter Terrorism Command at Luton airport

This morning, a Britain First team headed to Moscow, Russia, as guests of members of that country's parliament, the Duma.

Just before boarding an early flight from Luton airport, our team were greeted by officers from 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command'.

These gestapo bullies scanned in the boarding passes of our flights and asked directly when our team would be returning from Russia.

Our team in Moscow (below) is fully expecting a full SO15 ambush when they return to the UK on Sunday:

This is an exact re-run of what happened a year ago, when SO15 ambushed our team and then prosecuted Paul Golding for an offence under the Terrorism Act 2000, failing to provide pincodes for his mobile phone.

This time will be different, as our team are fully prepared for a gestapo raid on their electronic devices.

Please watch the covert video filmed today at Luton airport below then share it:

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