PHOTOS: Britain First launches campaign for a public enquiry into the murder of Charlene Downes

Today, Britain First activists held a day of action in Blackpool to launch our campaign for a public enquiry into the murder of Charlene Downes.

Charlene was targeted by an Islamist grooming gang - when she was fourteen - who abducted her, subjected her to sexual abuse, murdered her, then minced her body into kebab meat.

Joining our activists was Karen Downes (below with Paul Golding), the mother of Charlene.

Two separate teams of activists gave out thousands of leaflets in the Winter Gardens and Promenade areas.

Both the battle buses toured the busy streets with loud slogans on the PA system and huge banners on the sides of the vehicles.

During the afternoon, we launched our petition for a public enquiry and tens of thousands of patriots have signed it so far.

Our activists - and the mother of Charlene Downes - also confronted Lancashire Police at Blackpool station (below) for their chronic incompetence which allowed Charlene’s killers to walk free.

Rest assured, this is only the start of the campaign to secure a public enquiry.

The full video report will be posted shortly.

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