Police raid London address trying to ARREST Jayda Fransen

Today, a contingent of officers from the Metropolitan Police in London raided an address in London looking to arrest Jayda Fransen.

Luckily she wasn’t there, but it’s plainly obvious that the Probation Service has made good on their threats of arresting her and sending her back to prison.

Why are they harassing her?

It’s simple:

They banned her from living in Northern Ireland – despite the fact she owns a house there and I live there - and instead insisted that she lives in a hotel in London every night for the next 8 months, costing thousands.

Because she can’t afford to live in a hotel paying between £30-50 every night, she has been forced to go and live in her own house.

That’s sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

The Probation Service have now lost the plot and have applied to a Magistrate’s Court for Jayda to be arraigned before the judge and sent back to prison.

How can they expect her to live in a hotel every night – costing fortunes in nightly fees - but not go to her own unoccupied empty house to live?

It’s absurd, but they are still giving it a go.

The police have demanded that Jayda surrenders herself to a police station in London.

Then she will be arrested and put before the magistrates.

She will then need a solicitor and barrister - at that point - to put her defence across to the magistrates.

Because there is a live arrest warrant in force for Jayda she can be arrested at any moment, even as you read this.

So this is a highly urgent matter that needs immediate attention.

She will be arrested at some point over the next few days as they begin to search for her after the failed raid today.

I want to be ready and waiting with the solicitor and barrister and a pile of evidence.

The parasite jobsworth leftists in the Probation Service are determined to torture Jayda.

Like Jayda said in her Instagram video today, bring it on!

Will you help me raise the funds we need to send to our solicitor and barrister?

The quicker they get paid, the quicker we can prepare to take on the Probation Service and teach them a lesson they will not forget.

Please help by clicking here:

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    • Patricia Spayd
      commented 2018-12-02 11:37:00 +0000
      Appalling absolute appalling! Real ismmmc terrorism abounds and the Brittany government and Terrorism Brownshirts police have nothing better to do than harass an innocent British woman! Shame on them! Shame on Parliament! Shame on the British and Irish Court! Use the Koran agasint Itself and mosques and inams- call it as it is – for its own hatespeech agasint Jews and Christians!!
    • Patricia Spayd
      followed this page 2018-12-02 11:34:42 +0000
    • Jeff
      commented 2018-12-02 06:32:05 +0000
      Outrageous that the “TRAITOROUS” British government is persecuting, and prosecuting a BEAUTIFUL, INDIGENOUS, BRITISH PATRIOT! Meanwhile, “SCUM OF THE EARTH” Muslim Isis Jihadist’s roam freely, suckle the tit of the British taxpayer, and endanger ALL decent citizens.

      This is not at all surprising though. It’s happening all across western civilization. DEMONIZE those who are PEACEFULLY defending their homeland, and REWARD the VIOLENT, murderous, scum who seek to destroy it. It’s all so unbelievable to me!

      Thank God for Paul, Jayda, and all the other British patriots. MANY Americans are with you! It saddens me that I cannot proudly proclaim that ALL of us are with you, but our country, as you know, through the aid of treasonous politicians; has also been deeply infiltrated.

      Thanks for all you do,