These are the official policies of the Britain First party.

These policies were adopted by the Britain First 'Conference' that took place on 19 November 2022.

This manifesto will be supplemented by new policies at future Conferences or via direct email vote of our membership.

– Deport all illegal immigrants, no exceptions. Reject and deport all so-called 'asylum seekers' who do not originate from countries bordering the United Kingdom. Asylum seekers who travel through a peaceful country will not be eligible to claim asylum. Any asylum seekers who travel back to the country they claim to have been forced to flee from will be automatically rejected for asylum. As a general rule, if granted asylum in the UK, asylum seekers will be expected to return to their country of origin within 12 months once peace is established in that country.

– Deport all foreign-born criminals who are currently incarcerated in UK prisons once their prison terms expire. Immigrants to the UK will be expected to abide by our laws, no exceptions. This retroactively includes all foreign-born criminals currently serving prison terms or have served prison terms in the past.

– Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages where strict citizenship criteria has been met. Britain as a nation is overpopulated and therefore cannot accept any further immigration. The former Dominions of Canada, Australia and New Zealand - and current Crown Dependancies - will still be permitted the right to settle in the UK if certain criteria is met, such as the absence of a criminal record. Citizens of other states will have to prove their British ancestry to be able to settle in the UK.

- Short term visas to work in specific cases will be granted only after strict criteria is met. The criteria will include proof of employment, medical insurance, criminal record checks, and the absence of native labour to fill the void in question.

– Make it an act of treason to implement any policy or measure, or sign any political agreement, that facilitates and/or results in significant numbers of foreigners entering the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom with the aim of settling. Any attempt to alter the demographic makeup of the British Isles will resulted in stiff prison terms.

– Britain First will establish a system of voluntary repatriation whereby immigrants, or citizens of overseas origin, will be assisted financially to return to their country of origin, or a new country of their choice, if they wish to do so. This system will be entirely voluntary.

– Abolish the hated Human Rights Act which is being widely abused and which was forced on the UK by the EU. Replace the Human Rights Act with an American-style 'Bill of Rights' guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly and expression for all shades of political belief.

– Give England its own national parliament, to be based at Winchester, with powers over English domestic affairs, to create parity of esteem within the UK. Continued support for the national parliaments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The political institutions at Westminster to govern foreign affairs, economics and defence. We support the idea of a united, federal United Kingdom, with the capital city in London.

– Support the transition to 'Proportional Representation' (PR) at all levels of UK elections. Hold a national referendum on the issue of Proportional Representation following a robust debate.

– We would introduce a policy of fiscal parity within the United Kingdom, in that the constituent nations must live within their means, rather than being unfairly funded by English taxpayers. The Barnett Formula will be scrapped. 

– Introduce a 'Treason & Sedition Bill' that prohibits politicians from entering into any agreement that infringes upon the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, such as the transfer of sovereignty to any foreign institutions.

– Introduce a 'Democracy & Freedom Bill' that makes it a criminal offence (that carries a prison sentence) to refuse services (especially financial services) to constituted political parties and their office holders.

– Increase the penalties for corruption for those in public office and widen the scope for prosecution for those who benefit post-office from decisions while incumbent.

– Abolition of the corrupt system of parliamentary expenses and its replacement with a capped allowance system which is reviewed and audited.

– Introduce direct democratic election for the post of Prime Minister, so that the Prime Minister is directly accountable to the people and not simply the choice of the largest parliamentary political party. This will provide greater control, accountability and transparency for the British electorate. In the event of the resignation of a Prime Minister, a new general election must take place to elect a replacement. We support elections, not coronations.

– Complete overhaul of the civil service. Civil service obstruction of office holders will result in incontestable dismissal. Civil servants must remain strictly politically impartial and neutral.

– Employ greater use of binding referendums to implement the will of the people in important matters. 

– Outlaw practises such as postal and proxy voting which are facilitating corruption and fraud in our democratic system.

– Make Saint George's Day and Saint David's day a public holiday respectively in England and Wales and make it law that local authorities promote these holidays to their fullest extent, including public displays of flags, culture and history.

– Continued support for Saint Andrew's Day and Saint Patrick's Day as public holidays, with legislation passed to ensure that local authorities promote these holidays to their fullest extent, including public displays of flags, culture and history.

– Promote the full celebration of Trafalgar Day, Independence Day (Brexit), Guy Fawkes Day, Battle of Britain Day, Burn's Night (Scotland), the 12th of July (Northern Ireland), Armed Forces Day, Commonwealth Day, and all Christian events, such as Easter and Christmas. Legislation will compel local authorities to promote these cultural celebrations to the fullest extent.

– Full support and promotion of indigenous cultural traditions, such as Morris and Maypole dancing in England.

– All public buildings must display the relevant national flags as well as the Union Flag. This includes local councils, educational centres, libraries, government ministries, community centres, and any other taxpayer-funded institution.

– Continued support for the Protestant principle of religious freedom for all citizens, protected by law.

– Introduce a ban on the use of non-stun religious ritual slaughter. The practice of, for example, Halal and Kosher slaughter, goes against the innate British concern for the welfare of animals. We oppose exceptions being made to animal cruelty legislation for any religions.

– Introduce a ban on religious courts that conflict with the powers of the British legal system. We support the primacy of the British legal system as the final arbiter in all legal matters. Any attempt to circumvent or usurp the British legal system will be vigorously opposed. One nation, one legal system.

– Introduce a ban on the use of religious face coverings in public on security grounds. Any instances of religious extremists forcing women to wear face coverings will be prosecuted. Women will not face compulsion to wear religious clothing. 

– Close down religious institutions caught preaching extremist concepts, such as slavery and hostility towards non-believers. Implement closer inspections of religious institutions connected to terrorism or extremism.

– Oppose the enforcement of LGBT polices by the state on religious institutions i.e. same sex marriage and transgender ideology.

– Remove non-profit status for all religious organisations whose income exceeds £250,000 per annum. All religious institutions above this threshold must be subject to taxes and oversight by the HMRC.

– Britain First will always keep the NHS free at the point of need but allow greater flexibility and top-up funding and require a return to high standards. Introduce an 'NHS Protection Bill' that prohibits the privatisation of any part of the National Health Service and guarantees public ownership. Britain First will scrap all existing PFI contracts.

– Move away from the system of Westminster careerist politicians running the NHS, and appoint the best person from within the NHS to run the organisation. Try, as far as possible, to remove politics from the running the NHS and move to a system that focusses on efficiency and performance.

– Take firm action to combat excessive NHS bureaucracy and replace unnecessary managers and pen-pushers with frontline doctors, nurses and dentists.

– Introduce free prescriptions, eye tests and dental care for all British citizens over the age of 65 and under the age of 18, or for citizens who are on disability benefits. Citizens to be charged per prescription slip rather than per item.

– Britain First would remove all vaccination mandates for diseases with high survival rates, and prohibit punishments for those who refuse these vaccinations.

– Britain First would ban all societal medical lockdowns for diseases with high survival rates.

– Oppose the introduction of vaccine passports in any form.

– Oppose the gradual closure of A&E units. As a general rule, all hospitals should operate an easily accessible A&E and maternity unit.

– Introduce harsh, prison-based punishments for fraud within the NHS. Millions of pounds go missing each year in fraud cases. We will put a stop to this.

– Provide world-leading services for mental health, especially for veterans of the Armed Forces with PTSD. Massively increase the number of crisis teams within local communities. Increase the number of secure units for people suffering with mental health episodes.

– Ban all services that facilitate, or relate to, transgender ideology, including reassignment surgeries, medications and therapies. Introduce a mental health department that caters specifically for gender dysmorphia.

– End the scandal of foreign health tourism which drains our NHS. NHS services will only be available to British citizens. Overseas guests will have to pay for NHS services and treatment, either directly or via insurance. 

– Massively boost the recruitment, training and pay of native doctors, nurses and dentists instead of looting the Third World of these skilled workers. Pass legislation that limits the recruitment of foreign healthcare professionals where native labour can fill the void.

– Implement a national scheme to promote healthy ways of living to tackle the root causes of our poor health as a nation. Widen and broaden the implementation of taxes on junk food, with the proceeds going specifically, and only, to the NHS. Taxes on native wholesome food industries should be removed to encourage healthy eating and lower market prices. The removal of taxes on healthy food industries of any kind must be commensurate with lower prices for the consumer.

– Hold a referendum on the contentious issue of abortion following a robust national debate. Britain First supports the right of life for the unborn baby as a general principle. Support exceptions for abortion in certain circumstances, such as rape, incest, a threat to the life of the mother or any extreme medical reason.

– We will implement a 'back to basics' scheme in education focusing on discipline and traditional teaching methods (e.g maths, English and technical skills). Introduce a greater focus on real trades and skills as demanded by a modern, technological and manufacturing economy and the removal of state indulgence in phoney 'social' education subjects.

– Create more grammar schools to boost excellence in education. Oppose the left-wing drive to eradicate centres of advanced learning in education due to their ideological obsession with 'equality'.

– Reintroduce a variety of competitive sports in all levels of the education system, including combat sports, such as boxing and martial arts. Oppose the left-wing ideological 'soft' approach to competitive sports in schools which dictates that everyone must be a winner, therefore no competition must be allowed.

– Reintroduce Christian assemblies, Christian hymns and Christian prayers at all levels of the education system. Replace the present 'multi faith' religious education curriculum with a new approach that focuses predominantly on Christianity, including the important subjects of traditional marriage and family values. Other religions should be taught in schools, but to a much lesser degree than Christianity, which has been our national faith for over a millennium.

– Reintroduce the teaching of British history throughout all levels of state education. British history must be a compulsory, long-term subject for all pupils and students. Replace the current cursory and limited history curriculum with a broad and in-depth study of British history from pre-history to the current day.

– Abolish university tuition fees for less well-off students who achieve high grades in secondary education, on the basis that they apply themselves and achieve the necessary degrees while at university. This scheme would apply to technical and real-world degrees that benefit society as a whole, such as law, medical, engineering and the sciences, and on the understanding that students work within the UK after leaving university for a minimum term.

– Greater influence of the Armed Forces, the police, the prison service, the fire brigade, and the NHS, in the education system, including seminars, training events and careers advice.

– Strongly prohibit the teaching of left-wing ideological doctrines which are harmful to children and young folk. These include multiculturalism, modern feminism, gender ideology, white privilege and critical race theory.

– Introduce a new subject in secondary education entitled 'citizenship', which teaches the British democratic political system, the importance of voting, and other traditional British values, such as free speech and civil liberties.

– Introduce strict rules for the political impartiality of teachers, professors, lecturers and tutors. As a general rule, we support the de-politicisation of education, with a re-focus towards skills, achievement and learning. All forms of political indoctrination will be opposed.

– Teach all pupils and students the skills of 'critical thinking' to move away from the current left-wing approach of conformity, group-think and intolerance of differing views and opinions. All citizens should be taught to think independently regardless of political beliefs.

– Introduce strict rules for political impartiality and free speech at all levels of higher education. Remove the current stranglehold on debate and speech at universities of the radical Left.

– Introduce free meals, milk and orange juice for all pupils in primary and second education. Overturn the scandal whereby the taxpayer pays more to feed criminal prisoners than they do for school children.

– Reduce the teaching of 'sex education' in secondary schools to a bare minimum and ban it completely at primary school level. Sex education will be limited to school nurses and will remain optional for parents.

– Massive state support, funding and training for new business and industries. Introduce a national 'Bank of Britain' to fund British economic growth with the use of generous grants. These interest-free grants would go to entrepreneurs and innovators, with the grants repaid from future tax receipts.

– Transfer the sovereign power to create money, and fix interest rates, away from the privately owned Bank of England to a new national 'Bank of Britain' which shall be controlled by the democratically elected UK government.

– The protection of British companies and industries from unfair foreign imports in certain areas where competition is not on an equal footing. British workers cannot be expected to lower their wages to the level of, for example, Vietnam or India, in order to 'compete'. Therefore, we support free trade only among first world nations with similar economic metrics to Britain.

– Financial penalties on businesses that outsource their operations to foreign countries but still do business within the British home market. These penalties would include increased taxes to compensate for the loss of employment caused to British workers. 

– A deep and meaningful campaign of tax cuts across the board to encourage and stimulate economic growth. The tax burden on the British economy is one of the highest in the developed world. We would seek to lower this burden so that companies, and consumers, have more capital available for growth and purchases.

– The removal of 'stealth taxes', VAT and a whole raft of other taxes which drain the pockets of the British workforce. We would make it worthwhile to work again instead of languishing on state welfare.

– The current UK tax code is currently more than 10,000 pages long. We would implement a drastic simplification programme.

– Prohibit the sale of domestic companies, and infrastructure, to foreign entities. British resources, commodities and industries must remain in UK ownership. The British government should provide a reasonable timetable for foreign-owned British assets to be re-sold to British companies.

– Initiate a clamp down on the negative speculation of the banks and traders, which is nothing more than a form of perilous gambling with the health of the UK economy. Launch a national review into stock market practices. Re-direct the impetus of the securities and derivatives industry towards meaningful capitalist pursuits and away from a vast and unregulated speculation.

– Greater punishments for misconduct within the banking and financial sector, especially when it impacts on the economy. These punishments will extend to stiff prison terms for provable malfeasance. No repeat of the 2008 banking crisis.

– The prohibition on any further bail-outs for the banking system. The banking industry must be treated like any other sector of the economy and be allowed to fail, should they indeed fail.

– Stimulate job creation by phasing out employers National Insurance, i.e. the tax on jobs, over a five year period (a 20% reduction per annum).

– Roll back all taxes imposed previously by the EU superstate, including landfill taxes and penalties related to the Climate Change scam.

– Raise the current inheritance tax threshold to £500,000, and lower inheritance tax above this threshold to 20%. Stop the current state robbery of taxpayers who are trying to bequeath their life savings and assets to their descendents.

– Taxpayers who marry will have their income tax reduced to 15% upon the birth of their first child, with further 3% cuts for each child born thereafter.

– Pass legislation forcing all current banking institutions to increase their fractional reserves to much higher levels than at present to encourage fiscal prudence for the UK economy.

– Scrap the entire 'foreign aid' budget and re-direct the funds saved to urgent domestic problems. Any foreign assistance should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but only after domestic issues of concern are rectified, such as mass homelessness, child poverty, food bank usage etc, and only when the national debt has been brought down to under £500 billion.

– Scrap all expenditure relating to mass immigration, such as translation costs, benefits, migrant hotels and accommodation, migrant education, immigration advisors, immigration solicitors, migrant legal aid, telecommunication expenses for migrants, and so on.

– Halt all further payments to the European Union (EU). We would cease any further payments to EU projects such as the European Space Agency, the European Court of Human Rights, and so on.

– Slash the entire welfare budget by 50% by curtailing spending on undeserving recipients and causes, saving the taxpayer approximately £150 billion. The welfare system should be available only to the genuine needy and vulnerable, not those who choose welfare dependancy as a lifestyle. 

– Pass legislation forcing all future governments to spend within their means, to de-rail the current practice of chronic state overspending, i.e. the socialist model. This will halt the rapid expansion of the national debt and allow it to be gradually paid off. All governments should create budgets that do not involve relentless borrowing. Borrowing should be reserved only for national crises.

– Make all state benefits, housing and assistance available only to British citizens or foreign nationals who have paid into the UK system for at least five years. End the scandal of billions of pounds being spent on foreigners who come to Britain to exploit our generous welfare system.

– Implementation of a genuine 'workfare' scheme whereby productive work is required in return for state benefits. This will destroy the culture of entitlement and dependency that is ravaging this country.

– Retain the 'right to buy' scheme for social/council tenants to facilitate first time buyers who are struggling to make it onto the housing ladder. 

– Stamp out the national scandal of thousands of pensioners freezing to death each winter. This situation is a terrible stain on our credibility as a nation. We would implement a raft of measures to ensure our elderly live in dignity.

– Decisive action to eradicate the scourge of homelessness that is blighting our country, especially among homeless veterans. Homeless veterans would go to the top of local housing lists after their service to the nation concludes. 

– Massively increase the number of youth organisations and youth clubs across the nation to alleviate the scourge of anti-social behaviour on our streets. Children left to their own devices in a degenerate society become feral. We will give our young folk purpose and direction.

– Greater promotion of church groups and organisations within our communities to promote Christianity and community cohesion. Christianity alone has the power to overhaul our selfish, liberal society and replace it with a new society of morals and decency.

– Ban the production, sale or streaming of pornography. This will include pornography sites such as 'Only Fans'. Pornography promotes unhealthy and unrealistic sexual behaviours, degeneracy, promiscuity and increased levels of sexual violence. It promotes the sexualisation of women and young girls. It destroys the moral fabric of civilised societies.

– Britain and the former Dominions should pursue their own defence and foreign policies. Canada, Australia and New Zealand - and current Crown Dependancies - along with the UK, should create new defensive alliances that cater for our specific needs.

– The re-focus of our foreign affairs away from European integration and the corrupt EU, and back to our former Commonwealth family of nations.

– Britain should make its own trade deals with nations around the world, focusing on the former dominions and the wider Commonwealth, which has a population of 2.6 billion.

– Withdraw from the United Nations which is being used by vested interests to undermine the Western world with woke, left-wing ideological projects and programmes.

– Replace the obsolete NATO alliance with a new defence arrangement that comprises nations of the West with the aim of protecting our joint interests around the world. As we saw with the Falklands War, NATO refused to assist Britain and NATO members even sold weapons to our enemy.

– Implement a radical reversal of the legal and policing focus on the 'rights' of criminals and its replacement with the traditional focus on putting the victims of crime first. All remnants of woke, politically correct policing must be removed. We must get back to the basics of fighting crime.

– Greater use of National Service for habitual offenders. Anyone who breaks the law repeatedly will be sent to endure the discipline of the Armed Forces. This will break the cycle of repeat offending.

– A national referendum on the restoration of Capital Punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers, following a robust national debate. This issue is very contentious, therefore it must be decided in a free vote of the British people, with both sides of the debate equally represented. 

– Make prisons a place of hard labour rather than cosy holiday camps. Prisons must become productive institutions that contribute to society, preferably with on-site manufacturing or off-site agricultural work. Games consoles and other perks and luxuries must be removed and replaced with a 9-5 regime of work and education. With these reforms, sentences could possibly be reduced.

– Remove the automatic release from prison at 50% of each sentence, and instead extend the parole system to all prisoners. Release of prisoners within the total time-frame of a custodial sentence should be dependent on behaviour, hard work and improvement during the time served.

– Implement new laws guaranteeing citizens the right to protect their own homes. This would end the scandal whereby frightened citizens who protect their own homes and families from intrusions are punished when doing so. Deadly force should be legal for all residents to protect their families from intruders. We believe in the old saying, 'Every Englishman's home is his castle'. 

– A major and decisive clamp down on street-level Islamist grooming gangs which operate across the UK. All civil servants and police officers that are found to have facilitated - or covered up - the scourge of Islamist grooming gangs to be prosecuted and sent to prison.

– Reintroduce firearms for law enforcement and border agencies, with rolling reviews occurring every five years based on crime levels.

– Introduce new rules during election periods that guarantee equal and fair coverage to all candidates, not just a select few. This will help to end the political monopoly enjoyed by the Old-Gang establishment parties. 

– Introduce new rules for the media to follow that guarantee that retractions and corrections are published with the same dimensions, space and prominence as the original false claims. This will help provide protection for the victims of fake news which is peddled by the mass media with increased frequency.

– Introduce a new system whereby if a journalist is found to be deliberately and conscientiously fabricating content, they will receive a lifetime ban from working in the media professions. Make it a criminal offence, with a guaranteed prison sentence, for workers of the media who knowingly publish or produce false and/or fabricated reports. This will not extend to genuine mistakes, only to fabrications and deliberate deception.

– Introduce a ban on foreign ownership of UK media institutions and companies to minimise foreign influence on our democratic process.

– Increase the use and remit of anti-trust laws to limit ownership of media outlets. This would deter unhealthy monopolies and therefore increase the diversity of opinion and debate across the entire media.

– Abolish the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and scrap the hated Licence Fee. British citizens should not be forced to pay for left-wing propaganda.

– Ring fence spending on the Armed Forces and massively increase the defence budget to fund modern, sophisticated services capable of defending not only the British Isles, but the former Dominions and the wider Commonwealth. Invest heavily in new technologies and weapon systems to give the UK the edge in defence industries.

– Bring back National Service and make it compulsory for one year for all citizens upon the completion of education. 

– Bring back the historic county regiment system to encourage pride and devotion to local units of the British Army.

– Halt the sale of any military hardware or technologies to countries outside of the Commonwealth, or the Western World, in general.

– Ensure that our service personnel have the best equipment, accommodation and training available. 

– Britain First will pass laws prohibiting any historical prosecutions of Armed Forces veterans, including those who served in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. These laws will guarantee immunity from prosecution in all cases, whether government instigated or privately litigated. These laws will also include retroactive punishments for legal practices that have targeted British service personnel.

– Introduce free legal aid for all service personnel during, and after, their service to the nation, for all matters relating to their service.

– Create and introduce PTSD centres on every military base to help service personnel deal with the traumas they experience while serving the nation.

– Secure and retain the programme of free grants for service personnel upon leaving the Armed Forces, so that they can find gainful employment or education.