PRESS RELEASE: Belfast councillor Jolene Bunting proscribed by Britain First – implicated in robbery of Jayda Fransen’s credit card

Independent Belfast councillor Jolene Bunting has been proscribed by Britain First after evidence was uncovered that implicated her - and her partner Wayne Cummings - in the theft of nearly £1,000 from the credit card of Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Britain First has multiple audio recordings in its possession clearly demonstrating that Cllr Jolene Bunting and her partner Wayne tried to cover up the acts of theft to protect a personal friend from the city of Sunderland in the North East of England.

As a result of an investigation by Britain First HQ into the thefts – which happened shortly after Jayda Fransen was sent to prison – the decision was taken to proscribe them both.

Britain First is in the process of handing the evidence to the Metropolitan Police/PSNI, along with witness statements to assist with a prosecution of those responsible.

Britain First leader Paul Golding had the following to say:

‘Jayda Fransen was sent to prison and while she was serving her first weeks inside she was being robbed by a member of the Britain First security team who was close friends with Wayne Cummings and Cllr Jolene Bunting’.

‘This security officer has since been expelled and proscribed. When we learned of the involvement of Wayne Cummings and Cllr Jolene Bunting our leadership team was shocked.’

‘While they didn’t participate themselves in the thefts, they tried to cover up the truth to shield their friend who actually did steal the funds. They even tried to blame members of my family for the acts of theft!’

‘When all of this came to light, we took the decision to proscribe these individuals and sever all contact with them.’

‘Robbing the deputy leader of our movement while she is in prison for harassing rapists is unforgivable.’


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