Dear Britain First patriot,

I am writing to you today as one of our most loyal patriots.

Although our movement is still strong and new supporters are flooding into HQ at an astonishing rate, we are massively depleted by the recent wave of lockdowns.

Our current stock levels are simply not adequate to relaunch Britain First activities after the 29th of March, when lockdown is lifted.

We have active regional teams ready for action in Northern Ireland, Wales, the North East, the North West, Yorkshire, the Midlands, the South West and the South East.

All of them are very low on leaflets, recruitment cards, banners and none of them have placards.

If we are going to launch into action after the 29th of March nationwide, we need to start stockpiling campaigning tools and delivering them to the regions.

We literally have nothing at HQ at the moment, because of the long period of inactivity caused by the lockdown.

If all of our loyal supporters don't dig deep and chip in to help us replenish our street campaigns machine, then our relaunch of the 29th of March will be a flop.

That's why I need you personally to help me.

I spent all afternoon several days ago compiling a list of the campaigning resources we need to procure asap:

4 x outdoor PA systems: £1,000
250,000 recruitment leaflets: £1700
250,000 recruitment cards: £2,100
200 corex placards: £1,400
50 pvc banners: £3,000
Miscellaneous expense: £800
Total relaunch: £10,000

By chipping in, you will be providing the resources our frontline activists need to hold protests and days of action in towns like Bradford, Luton, Birmingham, Blackburn, Leicester and many, many others.

I am asking you personally, can you chip in £5?

I know that times are hard because of the economic consequences of Covid lockdowns, but the battle to secure a future for our children and grand-children must go on.

This country is crying out for a sensible yet passionate nationalist political party and movement.

Britain First is the final hope for saving our country, we are the last man standing.

Our brave frontline activists are crying out to get back on the streets, so I am asking you to chip in and help me equip them with the tools they so desperately need.

Please send whatever you can immediately, we only have a short amount of time to get organised:

Target: £10,000
Raised: £4,120
Recommended: Chip in £5

Surely, even in these dark times, you could spare a fiver for our brave activists?

So please chip in below, every penny counts:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First