REPORT: Runcorn, Widnes and Warrington patriots meet for tactical discussion

Patriots from North Cheshire met in Widnes last Wednesday for a social evening and discussion of how best to promote Britain First in the region.

As is customary in local meet-ups, participants - including local organiser David Bond (a seasoned Britain First campaigner) - were invited to introduce themselves and tell their background stories.

One of those present, a veteran of the fathers' rights movement, told how his belief in the British justice system as ‘the best in the world’ was severely tested and eventually shattered by protracted battles in the courts.

After years of harrowing legal tussles, he'd emerged with the view that the leftwing establishment will use any means, fair or foul, to discredit or criminalise its ideological opponents.

Another attendee, a former British Army soldier, told us of his experiences in post-war Iraq, where he'd been deployed as part of an effort by western governments to ‘win hearts and minds’ among the Iraqi population.

The tour had begun well.

Soldiers established a rapport with villagers and village elders, but gradually things deteriorated due to fundamental conflict between Western values and local tribal/religious beliefs and customs.

Villagers who had initially seen the soldiers as peacekeepers now treated them as an occupying army.

Where once soldiers distributing water had been met with happy smiling faces, now they were met with sniper fire.

This experience led some to question the mindset of the people they were supposed to be helping, and for this soldier in particular it led to eye-opening studies of the Koran and middle-eastern belief systems.

A younger attendee at the meeting told us that the major turning point for him was the Manchester Arena bombing.

The fact that Islamic terrorists had specifically targeted British children for murder and maiming made him realise the depth of hatred such people have for us, and resolved him to join the counter-jihad movement.

Specific local issues of concern included immigrant pickpocket gangs operating in Warrington town centre, growing pressure on public services including healthcare, and the inaccessibility to young people of decent, affordable housing.

All agreed that a leafleting campaign could be a good way of raising local awareness and support, and that of the three main town centres - Runcorn, Widnes and Warrington - Warrington would be the best option.

If you live in Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn or surrounding areas and would like to join our friendly Britain First group, please get in touch at: [email protected]


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