The rules below govern comments posted on the Britain First website.

The first violation will result in a warning and further violations will result in a permanent ban.

  1. Avoid overtly racist language

    Britain First rejects racial hatred in all its forms. British ethnic minorities regularly attend our events and activities. Any overtly hostile comments will be deleted. Please keep your language respectful. Criticism is fine, abuse is not.

  2. No spam links

    Please do not post links to other websites. Please do not post links to advertisements and promotions.

  3. Avoid slander and labels

    The spreading of false or malicious rumours, engaging in character assassination and the publishing of slanderous comments will not be tolerated. The use of leftist labels, such as 'Islamophobic' etc will result in a ban.

  4. Promoting third-party organisations

    While we haven't got a problem with references to other patriot organisations, incessant posting and promotion of third-party organisations will be removed. 

  5. Promotion of violence

    Any comments promoting any form of violence will be removed and the person posting such comments will be banned.