The Average Groomer

I used a free online tool called WebMorph to merge published police photos of 46 recently convicted grooming gang members into a single, composite portrait.

It is, if you like, the 'average' face of the groomers.

What, if anything, does it show us?

• It shows, most obviously, the preponderance of Asian/ Pakistani heritage men in the gangs.

• It shows the average groomer to be around 30, therefore probably a family man - because most Pakistani men of that age are married with children. This begs several questions: How did the wives and children of these men react to their crimes? What did they - and others in the community - know at the time? If they knew something, why did most say nothing?

• It shows the average groomer as presentable enough to find sex partners by normal means, which strongly suggests that he raped white English girls (also Sikh girls) for reasons other than sexual gratification. Racial domination and humiliation, perhaps? Hatred of non-Muslims and/ or young women? Sadism, 'sexual jihad' - what exactly?

The Home Secretary's promised investigation into child grooming would do well do address these questions, which could help uncover the contexts, motives and enablers of these despicable crimes.

(George Whale)

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    • Richard Simpson
      commented 2018-12-09 20:40:51 +0000
      Well said george. The goverment and msm are hiding all this from the public and hoping they can brush it under the carpet whilst each day it gets worse we need to continue exposing these facts to the public and make maximum exposure to what is going on.