UPDATE: More BAD news for Jayda

Another round of bad news for Jayda this morning, this time in the form of another email from Probation.

She received an email from her Probation Officer this morning saying the following:

As you can see from the above, the Probation Nazis are refusing to show Jayda the paperwork explaining what she has even done wrong!

Jayda is - quite literally - a hunted woman, and her time is running out fast.

There have been two mob-handed police visits to addresses in London looking for her so far.

We need to be prepared.

At any given moment she can be arrested and forcibly taken to a Magistrate's Court and then on to prison.

Look at your calendar right now - in two weeks time it will be Christmas day!

The odds are that Jayda will be spending the Christmas period locked up again in a dingy rotten prison cell!

For a Christian like Jayda, spending Christmas away from her loved ones languishing in a damp, disgusting prison cell is a nightmare.

We have been raising the necessary funds to pay for an urgent legal defence, so that a solicitor and barrister are ready and waiting to represent her.

Can you spare just £10 for Jayda so she can fight this harassment?

It is decision time.

Please help Jayda by clicking here:

Obviously as soon as she is arrested we will provide full updates on events as they happen.

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