UPDATE: We now have a timetable for our case against the Electoral Commission

A message from Britain First leader Paul Golding:

Dear fellow patriot,

I have good news to report to you today regarding our case against the corrupt Electoral Commission.

I have finally received the legal timetable for our upcoming court hearing.

Our case against the Electoral Commission is now proceeding through the court system again.

Britain First has to submit its "skeleton argument" to the High Court in Belfast by 18th January.

The Electoral Commission has until 1st February to respond.

Then, the full final hearing will take place shortly after 14th February.

This means that we will have our showdown with the left-wing Electoral Commission by the end of February.

The legal system moves slow, but we are finally getting there.

All of this is due to the generous patriot donors that chipped in recently and helped us take this legal action.

We can finally see the end of the tunnel!

This case against the Electoral Commission is critical.

The Electoral Commission rejected eight separate applications to register Britain First as a political party.

They will never register us unless we force them to do so in a court of law.

The Electoral Commission wants to decide who can, and who cannot, stand in UK elections.

This is why our battle against the Electoral Commission has ramifications for democracy too.

This is truly a historic case, the first of its kind where an entire political party is being persistently blocked from standing in elections.

Some extra help to keep this case going would be very welcome.

If you can chip in just £10 or even £5 to help power this legal action along, please click below:

PS: I would like to thank you in advance for helping us fight the forces of corruption.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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