VIDEO: Gun-toting police arrest Jayda Fransen!

Jayda Fransen has been arrested at Gatwick Airport by gun-toting police officers and taken to a nearby police station.

During incredible scenes, the police officers ambushed her onboard her flight from Belfast to London Gatwick.

The officers even boarded the plane after Jayda's name was broadcast across the aircraft's tannoy system.

One of the jobsworth officers even accused Jayda of reaching for his colleagues firearm!

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    • Peter Kay
      followed this page 2019-01-02 19:17:30 +0000
    • Geoffrey Welsh
      followed this page 2018-12-21 16:59:16 +0000
    • Pablo Paina
      commented 2018-12-20 13:13:06 +0000
      Long live Jaiyda Fransen ,real British and European Patriot !
    • Pablo Paina
      followed this page 2018-12-20 13:12:44 +0000
    • malcolm pace
      commented 2018-12-20 10:43:03 +0000
      Its an absolute disgrace that Jayda was humiliated by these corrupt police acting on the orders of their masters, the corrupt establishment.If the press and MSM did their jobs she would not be in this position, so much admiration for Jayda, and its disgusting the way they have planned the whole chirade especially at christmas, and if the public had any spunk they should of waled off the plane behind her in protest, unfortunately thats the position we are in. This country has gone to the dogs, because the sheeple do absolutely f_k all about it.
    • Dolf Jans
      commented 2018-12-20 07:59:41 +0000
      I feel so sorry for this hero who is giving up a decent live for the once ‘Great’ Britain. Hang those yellow vests on your windows comrads!
      Greetings from Dolf in Holland
    • Lavey Prabu
      commented 2018-12-20 03:00:27 +0000
      “Britain is being ruled by Extremely Wicked people.” – Julian Assange.
    • Stephen Vosler
      commented 2018-12-20 02:20:13 +0000
      Obvious harassment. This is unacceptable! Just a bunch of vicious babble over what?? Is this the way police in Great Britain act? Disgusting!
    • Peter Duffy
      commented 2018-12-20 01:06:29 +0000
      Stupid scum Police. I’ve had my own problems with corrupt Scottish Police and scum Scottish solicitors. Scotland’s legal system is a cesspit.
    • Marc Wilkie
      commented 2018-12-19 23:53:19 +0000
      This Country Is totally fucked up police should be on our side it’s very frustrating to say the least 😡
    • Karen Quinn
      commented 2018-12-19 23:03:47 +0000
      Disgusting how they have treated our leader… Stay strong jayda x
    • Francisco Sousa
      commented 2018-12-19 22:15:08 +0000
      Fellow Brits, start the Yellow Vest movement at once! It is spreading all around Europe, even in my Portugal! The Establishment, here, in Portugal, is living in great fear of the very first rally, tomorrow, Friday! They are in panic! Go ahead and God bless you all!!!!
    • Megan Paynter
      commented 2018-12-19 21:39:51 +0000
      dam right dissgusting how this true british patroit is been houned.this country should be ashamed of what is happening.while scum walk the streets of a once great county.when is this goverment going to wake up
    • Richard Steventon
      commented 2018-12-19 21:19:05 +0000
      Absolutely terrible what has happened to Jayda.
      May God be with you Jayda.
      Never Surrender
    • Richard Steventon
      followed this page 2018-12-19 21:17:47 +0000
    • Kelly Wood
      followed this page 2018-12-19 21:11:59 +0000
    • Tim Damarell
      commented 2018-12-19 20:59:18 +0000
      This is a disgrace why on earth are the police wasting their resources arresting true British patriots like Jayda
      We all need to stand up for it country
    • Chrislyn Pict
      followed this page 2018-12-19 20:32:59 +0000
    • Adrian Wymer
      commented 2018-12-19 20:22:08 +0000
      Absolutely shameful ! .The bearded baldy was especially officious .The Stasi and KGB would have been proud of these jobsworths.
    • Adrian Wymer
      followed this page 2018-12-19 20:17:05 +0000
    • Steve Webb
      commented 2018-12-19 20:07:44 +0000
      I plead with the British people to stand up for Jayda. What will you do when they come for you?
      Never Surrender!
    • Steve Webb
      followed this page 2018-12-19 20:07:17 +0000
    • Marty Vaatstra
      commented 2018-12-19 19:50:46 +0000
    • Daphne Tidy
      followed this page 2018-12-19 19:34:35 +0000
    • John Deary
      followed this page 2018-12-19 19:33:01 +0000
    • terry weir
      commented 2018-12-19 19:30:58 +0000
      The people that did the grooming of them young girls got better tret than Jayda !!!! Hang your heads in shame you do gooders
    • terry weir
      followed this page 2018-12-19 19:30:06 +0000
    • Stevie Cowee
      followed this page 2018-12-19 19:26:11 +0000
    • Nigel Hamley
      followed this page 2018-12-19 19:05:03 +0000