'Political Gamers TV' deleted by Facebook for covering Britain First!

The popular political gamers' network, 'Political Gamers TV', has been deleted by Facebook for covering Britain First events.

Political Gamers TV (PGTV) was suddenly deleted without warning several days ago.

A call to Facebook by the group's director, Stevie Cowee, confirmed that the PGTV page was deleted because it uploaded videos and reports of Britain First activities.

Stevie said: 

'Facebook has claimed we are connected to the Britain First movement. Facebook has been informed many times by myself that we are just covering the activities of Britain First like other mainstream media.'

Britain First HQ said the following to the BBC who are covering the story:

'Facebook censored Britain First cutting off 2.7 million of our supporters. Now they are deliberately targeting anyone who posts content supportive of Britain First. This is political gerrymandering and censorship at its worst. This is why Britain First is suing Facebook for political discrimination in Belfast High Court.'

Facebook has made it plainly obvious that Britain First itself is banned from the platform, but now this censorship has escalated and expanded to include anyone who even mentions our movement.

The evidence of these latest revelations is going to be submitted to Belfast High Court where Britain First is suing Facebook for political discrimination.

More updates shortly.

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    • James Nicholls
      commented 2019-01-07 13:08:28 +0000
      Facebook is a vile and disgusting organisation which makes its users anti-social, anxious, depressed and more shy. The American organisation is clearly a left-wing and corrupt, they want to eradicate all right-wing posts on Facebook in order to try and indoctrinate their large number of users even more. By having no right-wing views on Facebook, the organisation thinks it can trick people into thinking nobody has right-wing views in the online world anymore and once they realise that it’ll become a social norm to them and all the many people who are natural followers and not natural leaders will become more left-wing, more feminist, more politically correct as a result. Facebook has their own political agenda, due to their strong site rules and political discrimination it wouldn’t surprise me if they are plotting to buy their own country at some point in the future. Britain First has to have a Facebook page as it is good for attracting much more members so it does make sense to have a Facebook page and I wish Britain First the best of luck to reinstate its Facebook page and grow. Hopefully you’ll be able to sue those bastards for millions. Good Luck Britain First.