For almost a year now, activist journalist Tommy Robinson has been investigating the criminal activities of the 'Hope Not Hate' organisation, a far-left extremist group that fabricates attacks on patriots.

Tommy has produced an explosive documentary report that exposes 'Hope Not Hate' as a gang of criminals, liars and con-artists.

The contents of the documentary -  which runs to 1 hour 47 mins long - are shocking in the extreme.

All of the allegations within the documentary are backed up with video and audio evidence.

Tommy has had a mole within the 'Hope Not Hate' organisation for many months, feeding him exclusive information and evidence of serious criminal wrong-doing.

'Hope Not Hate' is currently under investigation by three separate police forces.

In his documentary, Tommy demonstrates that 'Hope Not Hate' fabricate their sources using blackmail, sexual assault, big payments of money and even supplying illegal drugs, all to coerce them into saying what 'Hope Not Hate' want them to say.

'Hope Not Hate' has been operating with impunity for years, but now they are being thoroughly and irreversibly exposed for the world to see.

This documentary totally unravels the web of deceit, crime and illegality that 'Hope Not Hate' uses to attack patriots.

Tommy's investigation proves that 'Hope Not Hate' methods are illegal, disgusting and immoral.

Women, children, families, partners, elderly folk, all are "fair game" for the criminal communists of 'Hope Not Hate'.

We cannot emphasise enough just how shocking, shameful and disgusting 'Hope Not Hate' tactics truly are.

Both Paul Golding and Ashlea Simon feature in this documentary.

This documentary heralds the "beginning of the end" for 'Hope Not Hate' as an organisation.

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