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Countdown to the Britain First "No more mega mosques!" public protest in Dudley!

Please inspect our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Britain First...

  • Is Britain First against ethnic minorities? Is Britain First "racist"?

    Britain First is a loyalist movement. This means that if you are born in this country and are loyal to Queen and Country then you are welcome to join our organisation. "Race" does not feature in our policies or outlook in any way. Britain First is home to thousands of patriots from ethnic minorities from all over the world who share our defence of British values and culture. The word "racism" was invented by a communist mass murderer to silence European opposition to "multi-culturalism", so we do not recognise its validity.

  • Is Britain First against all Muslims or just extremists?

    Britain First is not against individual Muslims, but specifically against the doctrine and religion of Islam itself as an ideology. The Koran and Islamic doctrine promotes hatred, violence and intolerance against non-Muslims. "Jihad" is the most talked about issue in the Koran. Women are oppressed in Islam. The death penalty applies to homosexuals. Marriage to children is allowed. Muslims who died fighting non-Muslims are promised 72 virgins in paradise. Sharia Law prescribes stonings and amputations. Halal slaughter is barbaric and evil. We are against these principles of Islam, not individual humans who have been led astray by this barbaric "religion".

  • Does Britain First fight elections?

    At the present time, we do not want to impede on the progress of UKIP and so we are are reluctant to fight any elections. Britain First focuses on street activities such as protests, direct action, confrontations and opposing the rise of militant Islam. Britain First may start to fight elections if UKIP's fortunes start to wane.

  • What is Britain First's policy on immigration?

    Britain First is opposed to ANY further immigration into Britain. We believe that the UK is overpopulated and any space and resources should be conserved for future generations. Just as you cannot realistically fit twenty-five people into a two bedroom house, neither can Britain continually allow millions of immigrants to flood into our homeland. We are full up as a country, there is no more room. What about skilled immigrants? The wealthy and prosperous Western nations should not continue to poach the Third World of its skilled labour, something that severely hinders their ability to raise living standards and develop. Instead, we should train and educate the millions of unemployment we already have in this country. Our immigration policy is pure common sense.

  • What is Britain First's policy on gays/homosexuals?

    Britain First does not have a policy on homosexuals because as traditionalists that stand for old fashioned moral values, sexuality is a private affair that should not be politicised. We only ask that our activists and supporters be loyal to Britain. Their private sexuality is their own business and nothing to do with anyone else.

  • Is Britain First "anti-European"?

    We have a slogan: "Love Europe, Hate the EU!" We want to see a Europe comprised of free, independent nation states trading together and living in peace and prosperity. The European Union is a leftwing, socialist political project that will eradicate all individual national identities in Europe under an avalanche of mass immigration and political correctness. The EU will destroy political independence across Europe, leaving every country ruled from Brussels by an unelected bureaucracy. In opposing the EU, we and our European sister nations are striving to maintain our ancient cultures and freedoms.