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  • LEGAL FIGHTBACK: Britain First demands Home Office hands over all paperwork between them and Facebook

    Britain First HQ has commenced a legal fightback against the Government, starting with a freedom of information request demanding that the Home Office and No10 Downing Street hand over all correspondence between these departments and Facebook that discuss our movement.
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    Get ready for the re-launch of Britain First!

    In just under three weeks, Britain First leader Paul Golding will be free of restrictive post-release licence conditions. 
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  • Remember when Britain First leader Paul Golding was attacked by a Muslim gang in prison?

    Kent Police have just confirmed to Britain First HQ that 'no further action' is going to be taken against the gang!

    Sign our petition to demand that Kent Police take action against this Islamist gang!

    ***UPDATE*** Kent Police have now backtracked on their decision to take 'no further action' - the case has now been sent to the CPS for a possible prosecution - keep signing our petition!

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    60,000 target

    The Britain First movement is under attack by the State and the police for criticising Islam!

    Britain First leader Paul Golding and deputy Jayda Fransen have been sent to prison for 'harassing' a gang of convicted migrant child rapists and even after release, the police have imposed restrictive licence conditions. 

    Also, Paul Golding, Jayda Fransen, Paul Rimmer and others have been arrested and charged for making perfectly legal speeches in Belfast that criticised Islam and terrorism. 

    Sign our petition to demand an end to this campaign of harassment and persecution!

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