ANNOUNCEMENT: Identitarian Movement to participate in the Britain First Conference 2019

The famous Identitarian Movement - formerly Generation Identity - is to participate in our annual Conference as a guest organisation.

The Identitarian Movement is an organisation for young patriots and specialises in highly effective publicity stunts and flash protests.

Britain First leader Paul Golding had the following to say:

'The Identitarian Movement is a great vehicle for young patriots in their teenage years and their twenties to get involved in effective pro-British activities.'

'Britain First does not have a youth wing, as we only permit membership of patriots who are over eighteen years of age.'

'I recommended that all young patriots get in touch with the Identitarian Movement and get involved in their brilliant stunts and flash demos.'

Here is a quote from the Identitarian Movement website which explains their ethos:

'The Identitarian Movement is a UK-wide patriotic youth movement that promotes the values of homeland, freedom and tradition through peaceful activism, political education, and community & cultural activities. We want to create an awareness for a metapolitical patriotic value base.'

Over the next few days, we will announce more guest organisations that will take part in our Conference. 

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To visit the website of the Identitarian Movement, please click below:


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